100 item declutter challenge

Hi lovelies,

If you remember I have made a trashed November last year,so let’s continue this year before the new year too. I made a big mistake that I have not pictures it together…

Yes I still have a not of items which we do not use in our flat, which is pretty small so space is everything here. Start: 100 


During this months I have taken 15 pieces which was really riped or smashed to H&M. Gifted to my mother-in-law 2 pullovers and a T-shirt. 83


I have decluttered my makeup collection a few times, let’s see  what it started:

I am on a cruelty free journey, so try to use up everything non-cruelty free, but spend a tons of money on it, but here what I have decluttered:

My Lush liner and Body Shop primer were expired, MAC lip liner has broken to trash them, while my MAC palettes, pressed glitter and Sin lipstick gifted to my sister, the Tarte lipstick to my mom, while the Trend-it-up lippie to the charity box (only swatched it)with a body lotion. MAC paint pot is a way to old so it is a BACK2MAC by my sister, while Trend-it-up cream shadow has a smell (only 3 months old ??)so to the trash. There 4 nail lac all dried out so… The UDD All nighter just has 1-2 times to use (use it up by the time I am writting). 66

Not bad and I still have some items to panning till the end of the year:).

Food and drinks:

I have took to work a Turkish Delice and a big box of Belgian chocolate as we never eat these at home and also freeze the gifted beers (rare ones, hand mades and one from Estonia) to drink by my husband later on. By the pastry organizing I have just find out that we do have a way more teas that we can drink so some will be in the charity box and told  to my friends and family to do not gift us a tea for Christmas and try to drink the last years ones. 60 (it is more but only counted that as there are not a long term items)

Stationeries and others: 

I have digitized most of my loyalty cards and trashed the 70 % of it. Trashed a lot of papers, past notebooks, 3 old mobiles, along with my old hair straightener and a hairdryer back to an electric store. The box, which contains other boxes to the selective…old medals(half marathon participate) and ribbons to trash, asseccories to give away. 35

now let’s back to clothes I have decluttered my underwear: all my old pants, bras or uncomfortable bras went back to Intimissimi… 23

last 23 items was more clothes, which all went to secondhand or charity store:




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