Low buy hauls 2020

Hi lovelies,

As you can read on my main page, last year I have decided to take a year of low buy. I set up rules for my self to be able to track and keep on my journey of budgeting and low buy. Why I have started my low buy journey?

In 2019, I was overwhelmed by the overconsumption lifestyle, so I decided to rethink, change and feel better about myself.

LA Jupe in style blog

I do remember I used to be the kind of girl, who went shopping every month with my friends and ended up a tones of clothes and beauty items. It was not matter if we went to thrift, secondhand or to a shopping mall I have rarely gone home with empty hands. I have purchased everything that I loved in the moment when I saw without thinking if it is giving a better joy of my life. So I ended up having a lot of clutter and with the usual feeling that I have nothing to wear, my style is not put together at all, but I wanted to be a stylish women. I had to understand I need a kind of guideline or rules for shopping, so I have read and resourced a lot about Cruelty free beauty products first, which was my first big stp to become a councoius shopper. My second step was grocery: I have watched a movie about polution, plastic, chemical hassessment and everything what we do in our everyday life how effect and destroy our only planet: The Earth. So I have decided to buy everything what I can as a zero waste shopper, which is a small step, but that is what I can do. Lastly my closet: December I remember packing for my parents’ Christmas invitation, I had a lot of clutter, but I felt like I have nothing to wear, while my husband has such a great, uniform stlye wardrobe based on polo T-shirts, Levis 511s and Tisza original sneakers. In the same time I have started watching and following some influencers, whose had the same phylosophy as my hubby: core style, great fabrics and natural color theme. Yes, that is what want: so I have learnt a lot about materials, styles and sustainability. To tell the truth, here in Eastern Europe it is much harder to buy these items due to prices/salary issues than in the Western… So I decided to make the rule only one items per month, writing a wishlist and shopping only from it.

Having the perfect core wardrobe takes time, money and effort, so I feel I am on a great journey to to achive that.

Hauls of 2020

I just wanted to summerize my whole low buy year and having all of my posts in one place for you:

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