Trashed November

Hi lovelies,

Now it is time to share my cluttering November list, which is like a challenge to de- clutter: trash, sell, take away or dominate old or unused items of our house hold. I do suggest you all to do the same for a month and you will find so many things, which you do not need at all. The list will be day by day:

  1. 1rst November: Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick- TRASH (empty)
  2. 2nd November: All stationary: pens, pencils, which are not writing ect.- TRASH
  3. 3rd November: L’Oréal Stylista Beachwave- trash (dried my hair)+ Balea Hitze Schutz Spray TRASH(Empty)
  4. 4th November: At home hair painting kit –TRASH (rather go to a hairdresser)
  5. 5th November: old medicines RECYCLED? (took back to pharmacies)
  6. 6th November: Santa Run Costume of 2016- RECYCLED (H&M)
  7. 7th November: I was received a shoe from a guest, but it was not my size so take it to the Charity Store- GIVEAWAY
  8. 8th November: Old(my beloved Kiko blush was so empty, H&M- eyeshadow and Jack Union liner by Bobbi Brown), not working makeup (Nyx- Jumbo Pencil) –TRASH
  9. 10th November: 4 pairs of old shoe took to the charity shop GIVEAWAY
  10. 9th November: Unsubscribed 15 newsletters and deleted emails :)- GIVEAWAY
  11. 11th November: 5 pieces of clothes to the Charity Shop – GIVEAWAY
  12. 12th November: Empty Too Faced Mascara, BHA liquid and TBS cream – TRASH
  13. 13th November: Magazine and catalogue rack cleared –  RECYCLED
  14. 14th November: unopened MAC: Ruby Woo – SOLD
  15. 15th November: 6 MAC empties back to store- lipstick GIVEAWAY
  16. 16th November: two old bag and a belt taken to the Charity Shop- GIVEAWAY
  17. 17th November: empty bottles on the top of the kitchen kabinet- TRASH
  18. 18th November: old and broken iPad and hair iron back to the store- RECYCLED
  19. 19th November: MAC blush in Frankley Scarlet- SOLD
  20. 20th November: Unopened alcohols, which we will never drink – GIVEAWAY
  21. 21rst November: 3 old, torn T-shirt reused as a cleaning clothes- RECYCLED/TRASH
  22. 22nd November: some books- GIVEAWAY
  23. 23rd November: torn faux leather skirt into TRASH
  24. 24th November: GIVEAWAY or throw away to TRASH some bijous
  25. 25th November: Paper bags to the recycling bin- RECYCLED
  26. 26th November: Scarves, Gloves and Hats to the Charity Shop- GIVEAWAY
  27. 27th November: unused Zoeva Strobe gel- SOLD
  28. 28th November: old and unused sewing materials- RECYCLED/TRASH
  29. 29th November: Old documents to the TRASH using by a document shredder
  30. 30th November: 2 box of Christmas GIVEAWAY (old and new stuffs)

So summarizing this whole month action firstly I have to say that all of you should try this challenge, it is really helps to clean out your flat space and also your mind will be up-to-date by finding a lot of forgotten stuffs. Secondly try to give away as much as possible to charities or friends or family members, because might be something useless for you but also useful for someone else. Sometimes it is really hard to find something everyday to take away, we do still have some wedding decorations, which most be sold or take giveaway, but completely not to the trash.


So some items are useless for you, but might be usueful for someone else. There will be always items, which you can not keep or give away, so you have to clutter them to the trash, but always think about recycle them.





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