Getting sustainable 2

Hi lovelies,

So I have wrote that I am on the way to use and buy less and being a bit more sustainable so here we go what I have done recently.

I sew a few cotton bags, three of them are made of an old white sheet, one more from the sheet, which lest after the pillow, which I made like 2 years ago and I have recycled a shirt from my Husband, which had a hole on one of the arm.


Package (less) free shopping

I have try to use a bit more packing free products, so I have purchased some lentil, peppers, bread, pasta and rice that was the easiest to do so far and I think I will just visit that store regually for the dry products for cooking.



Lush: I have tried their 7 to 3 pads during our holiday and I was missing it from my life so I went to repurchase it. In the mean while I have picked a naked sampoo with argan and two of the bath bombs: pumpkin and a black one.


Second hand

I have been to so many second hand stores recently and I just did not find anything: most of them are from the UK, which is not sustainable at all (2000 km away)… I am just  on the way to try some more vintage or  a thrift store, luxury reseller store or site like Vestiare Collective abd maybe the Depop. Honestly, I am so unlucky with selling on Depop yet … haha. So I was not lucky as I used to be back in my college years:).


I think that is so far, I am going to make some reusble cotton pads soon in this week.


I did only one shopping day which will be in the haul of the month…

Keep me inspired in the comment section.




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