Tide up your home- Bathroom

Hi lovelies,

This is my tide up series and now it is time to start with our small bathroom:

I did not had a full day next to work to do it so I had to do day-by-day:

1: Cleaning the furnitures, organizing and decluttering:

This is our wall cabinet (hack IKEA Silveran) so left side: top shelf is for travel minis and vanity cases, middle some back-ups, down our electronic stuffs; on the right side: top shelf just some rarely used items, middle are some extra toilet papers, which I am going to put into a wire basket on the top of that cabinet soon, down is some purities in the jute box, which will be on the small shelf above the toilet soon and some shoe care in the case. I am just thinking to take the tissue papers and the extra mats in here…


Under the sink we do store all the bathroom cleaners and detergent- might be one or two boxes would be ideal for the storage. While in the upper cabinet is a small, behind a mirror are everything which the use on a daily basis.


Yeah, there were littelly nothing to declutter, only empties:


2: It was not a subject to take photos of: washing the tiles, sink, toilet and the window.

3: Washed the shower curtain, mats and the washing machine itself – inside and outside.

Finally some wishlist:

IKEA Svartsjön rack over the washing machine

IKEA SVARTSJÖN Horgos akasztó

H&M Wire basket (2)for the toilet paper storage (with some hack )

Tárolókosár - Fekete - HOME | H&M HU

White shelf with black wire holder above the toilet and a decoration poster, maybe a plant.