One of the first “investment” pieces that I have ever bought.
Great for summer work wear and love the print, but its fabric…
Breathable summer cotton top with ruffles.
Absolute favourite and long time waited black silk camisole.
It was impulse, but I still love it evry summer since I have it.
It is so similar to the above one…
Basic white tee, unfortunately the sewing is so bad on mine.
Probably my most worn summer top since I bought. I am so sorry that Nanushka became really expensive in the past 2 years, but still hunting for their pieces.
Well loved stripped tee with some pearl details, the only shame it is a fast fashion piece.
Love the phare on it and finally I got my hands on it (it is always sold out), from a talented local designer.
Our couple tee, my hubby bought this, so it is a kind of sentimental, thus I am not a fan of logos.
I have to repalce it, it is perfect example of how shameful is fast fashion… cheap tee from a country where they do not pay the workers well. It is reminds me of my past bad decisions.
V-neck, oversized top with ruffles and cute plant prints, the only problem is the material that made of.
On sale on my Vestiaire
It is a shameful fast fashion piece, which I have bought to work, used a tons of times, but the cut is so good, looking for an upgrade of it.
My favourite bottom down.
This Silk shirt was a long time hunt… but it is still too oversized for me, so might be selling it later.
I have not worn this beautiful chambaray shirt with pearl bottoms so much,so it is time to find a new home for it.
Oversized, breathable blouse.
Absolutely love the print, but hate the material and the half sleeves.
My hubby made me to buy it, I think I should wear it more…
I think I bought at the begining of College, and it is still in a great shape, so a basic winter piece.
Simple, light turtleneck for colder months, I think I will replace it with a more sustainable one soon as it is really in a bed shape after 2 years usage.

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