One of my favourite summer dress.
Linen beach cover up.
Recent purchase with some stains on it, so I hope to get it work.
Used to be my favourite, but now I do not use it so much
Other used to be favourite, might be selling it.
Easy dress
Sentimental beach dress: my hubby asked my hand wearing this by the sunset in Premantura, Croatia in 2016.
Since I was a young girl I always wanted this dress from my mom’s closet.
Resort collection, which I have purchased for our honeymoon, still one of my favourite summer dress.
I wanted a slip dress so bad, might be replacing with a silk one…
Easy dress, was my favourite for a while…
Heavy lace dress was my new woman dress on our wedding
The perfect red dress finaly… love it so much.
Love its cut
Versatile navy dress
Winter fun dress
Warm winter dress
Basic LBD
I thought that I will love it, but only worn once…

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