Tide up your home- Outside

Hi lovelies,

The weather is still pretty bad, so I still have to skip the bedroom… I neither have a Spring feeling at all to be honest, even it is nearly April, by the time it will be posted it is.

So last week I did the entryway and our outside storage, as we most not really go out of the flat I did not have the opportunity to buy what we really need to the balconies or to the outside storage…

Our balcony opens from our bedroom, so I washed it all: the floor, window and the fence. We do have only a tiny pine tree on now so later on we should plant some flowers there.

In our entryway there are not some many things, as it is an L shape I just started the most inner side the built-in wardrobe. On the top we do store our luggages and some decoration stuffs, middle are the coats and suits, bottom shoes in their boxes, tools and the hoover. So check my outwear and some shoe collection coming soon… stay turned.

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Before and my beautiful wedding dress below


Then I have cleaned our shoe cupboard, mirror and the other small built-in storage too. I know we would need a bit more plants to decorate a bit, just yet we did not had time to. So I was washed the entry door too and tomorrow is the turn of the outsidestorage.

That was a big fail as it shelves have to be replaced and also to do a new door and lock, in addition most of the stuffs are belongs to my hubby, so I was unable to do it alone…

Finally bedroom coming up, so stay turned.






March Low Buy Haul

Hi lovelies,

March here, which means that it is my third #lowbuy check and haul of 2020.

If you remember I have over spend a bit in February, but I do not mind I had to happend to be able to draw my attention and focus on my goals more. In this month I made an investment: I am going on a course to become an official TOUR GUIDE, so I have paid in once the fee of this license course, which will end in August/September. I know this business situation is not the best now, but I am positive and hoping the best as soon as possible.

This month , as we had to sent at home most of our time, I was deeply into my declutter and tide up serie, so I rather focused on items that I have already have and items that I can sell and of course I have listed a long (and expensive) home wishlist, which I will introduce you soon too.

So what about my budgeting?

Needs (50%) – as Covid-19 appeared in Hungary, most of the people went to shopping, which I wanted to be smart, but I am also stocking up a bit, so I send 17% more than I was budgeted as I had to cook a way much more than previously to avoid my husband going to stores and restaurants while he is working. Even if I am those lucky ones still having a job, we have losen most of our benefits which a hotel can offer…

Savings (20%) – so again my saving was lower, only 35% than what it should be as I had to make an investment in myself as it is above mentioned.

Wants (30%) – as the above mentioned things had happened I only sent 15% of my planned budget, just thrifted a jeans at Promod in the beginning of the  month: it is a mom jeans style in a light blue wash, called Marcel. Did purchased some macrame yarn to be able to make some plant holders. We have bought an air moisturizer too. (Halfly from gift card).





How Covid19 effect our life

Hi lovelies,

You might think you are young and strong it will not effect on you, but I think if you live in Europe or in America now it is time to stay home (if you can). Before you read, you ought to know that I am not a virologist, neither working in healthcare just an economist, who works as a Hotel Concierge. Since January it is our everyday life: meeting, smiling and greeting people from all over the World, while we are so anxious and worry about our health and work. We must not wear gloves, neither masks, write or post about it…

So what you can do?

  1. Please follow the suggestions of WHO and your own government!
  2. Take care of your personal hygienic
  3. Do not understate or joke on other people’s fear.
  4. If you are the one of those lucky ones, try to work from home. Even if I used to work from home last year a lot, now we cannot. In the last year in tourism we had lack of employees, so we tried to focus on the in-house guests and the last minute email requests, so I had to take home the rest and answer them during my free time, now we do not have anything to do…
  5. Avoid contact with other people as much as you can, only go to grocery if it is really needed, do not use public transportation.
  6. Help the elders around you, but in the meanwhile try to contact them less.
  7. Try to consume less.
  8. Plan your life at home- you have plenty of to do…
  9. To save millions of jobs and the economy, please do not cancel, rather postpone, modify or accept gift cards for your future holidays.
  10. Try to think of yourself, your lifestyle and change. You might be going to be a better person when it ends.

About Hospitality

Yeah we are again in a big crisis: in the end of the 2000s we had a similar issue that no one had the money to travel, then everything changed even people, who have never ever been a part of the global tourism started to travel and without experiences they had totally changed this industry. Their style and demand was totally different which we used to had, so we have adapted. We have adapted to a strange, self-focused world, where people (especially younger generations) did not evaluate others, where most of people wanted everything (nearly) free and went through on everyone else to aim their goals without thinking the emotional part.

So what I really want to ask:

Learn to appreciate the luxury of personal services. We are not human robots, also human beings, try to complaint less for trifles. Learn to smile, be kind and say thank you for a shop assistant, waiters, call centres etc.

Please appreciate what you already have and be more sustainable, try to buy less.

Discover you close family: talk, play games and if you have kids study together.

In the future think before you write review, it might hurt someone and they would had been solve it without the public. Do you leave a negative review, just because you wish to kicks? Let me explain what I mean: most of the service related negative comments are coming from offended humans, who do not write the whole story. This is an example: he was smoking in the room, while the hotel is strictly non-smoking and had several alarms from the room, so firstly he got a message „please avoid smoking in the room, next time we will charge 250 EUR penalty” next time reception calls him, he did not understand, furthermore he menaces the receptionist. At check-out he has to pay, of course he complaint, manager agree with the staff, he pas the penalty. Next morning, he writes on TripAdvisor saying the staff and the manager was rude, unprofessional and overcharged me…

Restudy skills: reading to the able to understand the terms and conditions, some finance: what is an authorization, what is advanced purchase etc. But you can study new things as well, learn languages or just read anything, handwork or just follow my cleaning routine.

For „influencers” please do not ask for free stays, you are totally degrading the service of other people. You might do not understand it, but I have never ever meet any influencer paying for an extra service of the hotel, where they stay for free: upgrade, extra meal or concierge services, but you do constantly asking for the Marketing Managers, who will ask the rest of the staff do the things for free: no commissions, no service charge and of course no tip. I know you do not understand what I mean, because you think you know everything from Google, you do not have the social background to know who is who in a hotel, that is why you do not even know that the real influencers just the locals right behind the desks, who suggests the personalised restaurants and programs for the tourists.

I do pray for a better World and so thankful for anyone works in healthcare or police  nowadays. I wish I could say at home for a few weeks too.


Tide up your home- Kitchen

Hi lovelies,

So I am keeping to continue my tiding up series with our kitchen. It is a pretty small only 7,9 qr. meter, but it look perfect and probably my favourite place of our small flat. So just in case if you fall in love with it (I know it is easy): the cabinets from IKEA (Bodbyn off white), tiles: Equipe Lisbon and white Chevron Wall, machines from Teka, diswasher is Bosch, while our fridge is LG. The dinning area: desk is vintage from my great grand mother, chairs are from IKEA.

Monday I was staring with the fridge inside and outside taking all the food out and cleaned it- after a night shift I did not had so much “feeling” or mood to do so I just finished it shortly.

Tuesday also the same situation, had too much work, so I just did the cabinets above and washed the window.

Wednesday the tiles and all the cabinets below…

Then only our built in pastry -counter situation left, for which I should to go to IKEA for some baskets to be finally cluttered, but as it is quite serious to stay at home so I try to keep it and left as it is, just a bit more cluttered…

See you next week…


August haul

Hi lovelies,

This is again a monthly hauls like usually, but August is my Birthday so most of the things will be gifted for me and also I try to be using less, so for myself I only bought things which I need.

Lets start with my husband’s gift: is a handmade leather bag, which is so georgous in this light cream shade and I prefer to have a crossbody strappy which this bag has. It is not so huge, but big enough for my iPad mini or to keep my takeaway bottle in it.


From my parents I received a few products which I was really into. Okay to begin the story with: they were asking what I wish, want I want for my Birthday and I was saying oh nothing, I have everything ect. Then my sister give my Feelunique login to them because she knows that I have a wishlist on it and they ordered a Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow, an Urban Decay Primer Portion and my fav mascara the Perversion. The pack in not arrived yet, but it is due today to my work place.

I got the NYX Ultimate palette from my bff. Honestly I have never ever thought buying this, but I have thinking to buy a Pupa blue single shadow or a ABH- Riviera Palette, but now everything in it and evenmore colors, which I can use with my natural ones…

From my sister I’ve got The Body Shop Japanese Matcha Tea food mask, which I tried once in the single use version and it was even better than the Himalyan one. From my brother and his girlfriend a vegan sampoo – conditioner and a cute hair ring (yellow on the picture).


And yes the things that I bought: this cute, cheap necklance from H&M I think it will be super cute for the beach, The Body Shop Camomille Butter I have repurchased and Coconut mist was a just for fun thing. Lush 7 to 3 cleansing pad and the sunblocker for our upcoming holiday.


Happy Birthday to Hungary too!


Beloved Christmas (!?)

Hi lovelies,

I had some difficulties with this post,as I had to write it on my iPhone and it is did not appear till this morning.

so firstly I am so happy that we have just moved into our flat a week before Christmas and yeah it is not perfect and so many furnitures, wall glass are still missing, and one room is funcioned like a storage though, but it is one of the best feeling having our own place and real home. So I did not had time to write, as spending most of my time by organizing or “doing the expensive adults’ LEGO” so the furnitures of ikea. OMG we had been 3-4 times there in December and we still have some to take backs… I think I am going to do some home tours and topics later on, but here is a photo for now.

and I have nearly forgotten have you ever tried to get a new internet connection just write before Christmas? It is crazy I asked them to come and signed the agreement on the 15th, they supposed to come on 21rst. They have called in the last minute sorry is it a problem if we come between Christmas and New Years? Even we said it is, but what else can we do? Of course they did not even call,so fingers crossed for the 7ths….

christmas has come by soon, so we did not even had a feeling and I had to improvise the Christmas tree like that:

of course I had to work on Christmas Eve, people can not image how it is and how it is hurts when they scream at 9pm about how you cannot suggest anything to do or restaurants to dine, specially from those where they stop for every Friday night or for a month in each year… so people respect each other, respect in what they are believe in and try to be more tolerant. Honestly I can hardly believe every one is coming to a country without knowing the date a en  habits…  Christmas is the time when all of us hate to work, yes you can say you have chosen it- but you have to be more patient in the selfish world, noone wants to work on the celebration of family, just we have to and we try to survive.

So thankfully I got home to my parents and family for a lovely two days, which is always the best time of the year and especially now when it was not about gifts. (Basically we have received a few drinks, cakes and money, only my brother bought us a sandwich maker and I got some nice things from my Husband).

back to the city my mother-in-law has visited us, so I have guided her through Budapest while hubby was working.

I all wish you a Happy New Year !

International women’s day

Hi everyone!

Today is 8th March, the day of international women’s day, so this blog post will be a bit deeper than my usual ones. Still in 2018, this day is about women receiving flowers, housewares tools, cooking equipment at work. These things considered to be women thing, come on men can also buy flowers for themselves initially they say it for flat decoration… cooking equipments are also just a really stereotype, I have friends who are women and hate to cook and men who love to cook. Yes of course we are happy about the flower. For one moment your boss or colleagues give the flower, but they

do not act or think more. They never ever think about if it is equal to have same salary of a women with 5 years experience with a men of 2 years, to give all the extra works to female colleagues without any additional income (men would not do that) or just to have more female manager. Even men colleagues let themselves to say sexually explicit jokes…

I am not the person who likes to share facts about my job, but I have decided this months I will like I did once. Generally, the Hotel Front Desk is a masculine work, even thought nowadays people do think ( maybe it is just here in Hungary) being a receptionist is a job for women. I think most of the people think it is the same as in a beauty salon or in an office. They are really wrong: it is a really masculine physically and emotionally hard job: no weekends, afternoon and evening shifts, you have to correct reservation, sales; organize, manage operation; dealing with complains; decide compensation; take out people while sometimes you do not have time to eat or just going to the toilet and in the meanwhile you have to smile.

When three and a half-year ago I have entered to my current work place no-one asked me whether I would like to be a cashier, receptionist(shift leader) or concierge even I had experience where I did all. I was automatically taken to be a cashier, while guess what men even with no experience was asked… (thankfully I did not start at full night shift like now the newbies) time passed these men (2 or 3) was fired, I have to prove and I became the very first Lady giving MOD Since 1985… after 31 years come on girls… it was a fight but I am really proud that only 3 men in the line before me, it is also a shame that most of my women colleagues just simply says I do not want with 15 or 10 years experience and they do not see If they are with a young man they are the ones who solve the problem…

Women we have to stand out for ourselves!

My other story is from my previous work place, where after our Front Office Manager was skipped,the management started to search for a new FOM, in the meanwhile I was asked to do most of the responsibilities what he did(6 weeks), then we got a man, who fired after 3 days three weeks pass again one, fire after two weeks… hotel manager and owners asked me again to replace the FOM, because I did it so well, so I asked regarding getting this position officially, they refused because they want a bit elder men…ok.

Every year at least once I read Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In and in the reference of a new certain conversation with my boss while he was talking to me I have been realized he is really afraid of me and he wanted to demonstrate his position, while he was in the know that he is demonstrating his leadership force. Generally we say (according to my studies) it is wrong decision to make your leader, creative employee’s motivation down. I have realized there is nothing to be fear, what would be the consequences? Nothing

Women power and get strange together

Happy women’s day!


P.s.: I love flowers too