International women’s day

Hi everyone!

Today is 8th March, the day of international women’s day, so this blog post will be a bit deeper than my usual ones. Still in 2018, this day is about women receiving flowers, housewares tools, cooking equipment at work. These things considered to be women thing, come on men can also buy flowers for themselves initially they say it for flat decoration… cooking equipments are also just a really stereotype, I have friends who are women and hate to cook and men who love to cook. Yes of course we are happy about the flower. For one moment your boss or colleagues give the flower, but they

do not act or think more. They never ever think about if it is equal to have same salary of a women with 5 years experience with a men of 2 years, to give all the extra works to female colleagues without any additional income (men would not do that) or just to have more female manager. Even men colleagues let themselves to say sexually explicit jokes…

I am not the person who likes to share facts about my job, but I have decided this months I will like I did once. Generally, the Hotel Front Desk is a masculine work, even thought nowadays people do think ( maybe it is just here in Hungary) being a receptionist is a job for women. I think most of the people think it is the same as in a beauty salon or in an office. They are really wrong: it is a really masculine physically and emotionally hard job: no weekends, afternoon and evening shifts, you have to correct reservation, sales; organize, manage operation; dealing with complains; decide compensation; take out people while sometimes you do not have time to eat or just going to the toilet and in the meanwhile you have to smile.

When three and a half-year ago I have entered to my current work place no-one asked me whether I would like to be a cashier, receptionist(shift leader) or concierge even I had experience where I did all. I was automatically taken to be a cashier, while guess what men even with no experience was asked… (thankfully I did not start at full night shift like now the newbies) time passed these men (2 or 3) was fired, I have to prove and I became the very first Lady giving MOD Since 1985… after 31 years come on girls… it was a fight but I am really proud that only 3 men in the line before me, it is also a shame that most of my women colleagues just simply says I do not want with 15 or 10 years experience and they do not see If they are with a young man they are the ones who solve the problem…

Women we have to stand out for ourselves!

My other story is from my previous work place, where after our Front Office Manager was skipped,the management started to search for a new FOM, in the meanwhile I was asked to do most of the responsibilities what he did(6 weeks), then we got a man, who fired after 3 days three weeks pass again one, fire after two weeks… hotel manager and owners asked me again to replace the FOM, because I did it so well, so I asked regarding getting this position officially, they refused because they want a bit elder men…ok.

Every year at least once I read Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In and in the reference of a new certain conversation with my boss while he was talking to me I have been realized he is really afraid of me and he wanted to demonstrate his position, while he was in the know that he is demonstrating his leadership force. Generally we say (according to my studies) it is wrong decision to make your leader, creative employee’s motivation down. I have realized there is nothing to be fear, what would be the consequences? Nothing

Women power and get strange together

Happy women’s day!


P.s.: I love flowers too