How to budget effectively?

Hi lovelies,

I have not written for a while due to some personal issues, but it does not mean that I did not write anyting for you:

After a plenty of time and work of planning, designing, I am glad to say that my Budgeting pdf with a helpful excelsheet is out!

Have you ever thinking about where all you money goes? If yes, do not forget to read and share my short guide to personal budgeting. Let’s achive a more conscious life together.
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PS: I am also hardly working on my YouTube, so stay tuned!

How to book hotel room like a hotelier

A lot of people has been asked me how I am booking hotel rooms as a hotelier… Honestly I hate Airbnb due to the inflexibility of hosts, no treatment and of course the knowledge of the hosts are much more weak than a 4-5 starts hotel concierge.

What you have to know first usually we go for our hotel chain’s employee rate, because it is much more cheaper (ex. in Asia), it is a with breakfast rate, we do have other benefit and of course colleagues are colleagues…


Here is my tips and tricks about hotel booking:

  • Consider Hotel room photos like beauty bloggers’ photos on Intagram: light, makeup, Photoshop and best cameras
  • always check the photos at room type also,not just at the top of the page
  • check out the description of the room!!!
  • if you not an early check-out, always book with breakfast – breakfast is much cheaper in package likewise at the front desk we charge 20% more if you book it upon check-in, while in breakfast room we charge 50% more
  • so if you forget your breakfast to book with the room but you loved to have it book it at front desk instead of he restaurant (usually it is a bit cheaper)
  • scroll down for details: what card accepted or usually no more than 1 extra bed can bed fitted in a standard room, but most of OTA like Expedia or Booking can not handle of it
  • comment your preferences: king size/twin beds or child with you, but not all the wishes are upon availability but we tend to fulfill it if we see it in advanced
  • if you are having an anniversary or celebration with it too, you might get some amenities in room
  • read Tripadvisor but do not think it is a Bible most of the satisfied guests do not share their thoughts! Always think whether the writer own opinion is the same as yours…
  • always think about your trip style and try to fit the hotel to it- if you will not spend your time at the hotel room, you do not need a big view
  • make a use of loyalty programmes (hotel or airline)
  • Read terms and conditions: advanced purchase might be a great deal, but only book these rates if you are 100% that you will go (for example: you already have a flight ticket)

I hope my list help you and have a nice travel:)


PS.: do not forget to have a travel insurance 🙂


Shopping on sales

As Christmas end all stores arround the world start to have their sales and it is even go more crazier after New Year’s Eve.


Might be you still suffer from a new year’s hangover, while I have already finished my first working day of the year and now is on the way to give you some tips and tricks for the sales shopping tomorrow. Grab a coffee and read it quickly.

Before shopping:

  • check your existing wardrobe out: open up the closet and look what you have, check their conditions – to remember your items in store – even you can clear it up like me
  • inspire: trends for the year, even for spring/summer. Popsugar tips, Vogue Paris or just simply read printed magazines
  • check brand’s websites where you wish to have shopping tomorrow
  • get the idea how much money you wish to spend

On the day of shopping:

  • does not matter if you shopping online or in store, do not buy the clothes not in your size or neither items which has a torn on, you will never sew
  • always think about your wardrobe
  • think about the quality and price tag if it is worst it or not
  • saw the same price tag as before sales? no, away from your hands
  • limit your shopping time
  • if you have the maybe in your mind just do not buy
  • +1: personally I love to have shopping alone, because with friends or mom or sister I always purchase more as they do not know well my wardrobe and always persuade me, so meet your frinds for a coffee during shopping in a coffee-house where you can discuss.

What would I buy now? Hereby some inspirations:

  • cult classics like Levi’s 501 on sales now
  • Buy quality basics
  • Items which you really wanted during winter season
  • Underwear, pyjamas, Lingerie, activewear
  • Useable for spring/ summer
  • make up sets- Christmas edition always on sales now
  • Home products