White it up

Hi lovelies,

I know I have already posted about the trends of the upcoming season, however I just wanted to tell you my focus of clothing now: WHITE, yeah it is maybe a kind of wishlist too, but I do have some whites in my wardrobe already.

So WHITE have a million shade: Ecru, off white, cream etc. I think like me lots of you have some white in their wardrobe, specially tops. All white outfit looks more polished and makes us look rich and elegant. Normally I am into dark colours, but I have figured out the hand to toe monocome is more chic and the Spring-Summer is all about light colours.


  1. T-Shirt: I have a few whites, but I cannot recommend more the Everlane Cotton Crew.
  2. Bottom up Shirt or Shirt dress: I have to wear it to work, however I do have one at home too, but I would love to have a Shirt dress like this.
  3. Cami: I do own a v-cut mulberry silk cami from Massimo Dutti, but this Sezane one also a great alternative.
  4. White dress: I do have one oldie from Zara, but this is the one, which I should look for.

To add in 2020:

  1. Toursers or jeans or bermuda: anything straight and croped
  2. White trainers, specially from a sustainable brand like Veja
  3. Cardigan, which you can just wear on top of anything, when it gets chili.
  4. Crossbody bag: this part I do have, but if you look for one, Coccinelle Beat bag looks like a camerabag…

How you can spice it up?

Gold hoops

Layered gold necklances

Brown and beige accessories

I know it is pretty hard to buy secondhand (or thrift) now, as you can only get them online if it is coming from a company… so if you buy new try a sustainable or local brand.


Spring- Summer Trends of 2020

Hi lovelies,

Yeah, this year is about low buy and a financial balance for me, but who told you can not be trendy with less shopping? Most of the trends are just a come back, so I would definitelly say to check your closet first. There are like trends, which are staying like the trench coats and military colors, cutouts, demin ect. Leather will be even more colorful and brighter. Some trends are I am not into it, so will not mention at all, try to only focus on my 10 favourite and most fresh and wearable trends.

I am going to attach some high fashion photos and some more afforable options, which I think you should try in 2020. Hereby my favourite, which I think I will love to implement to my low buy wardrobe:

All the first three most seen would be refers that the -’70 s and ’90s come back, being a ’90s kid I am remembering my mum wearing all type of suits and blouses so I might going to have a look in her wardrobe first:

  1. Bermuda Suit: culottes are getting shorter and will be paired with a blazer
  2. Get shirty: again the same thing: Suit, blouse and Shirts everywhere like in the ’70s
  3. Waistcoats: also referes to the same trend: the suit, so in 2020 invest in a good suit with waistcoat, long high waisted pants and a bermuda, but I would go for a 5 piece one: including a skirt.

The next ones are colors, shapes and textures:

4. Colors: Light yellow and green, summer: neon- all shade of yellow, which I have find out to really love, the lighter all year arround, brights in the summer. The neon is a bit too much for me, so I try to skip it by brighter colors…


5. In Tiers

6. Hot pants: high waisted shorts are the girls best friends in the summer if you have a nice leg – otherwise rather choose a skirt or a bermuda please! Please only use it in the beach towns, not in big cities, because we are not interested in your bum, neither in your body fluid! I do love my linnen one and I do not think to buy and other one this year, but here are some great options.

7. See- Through: it was still exists last year, but honestly I have not seen any of them to be on the high street, and that is a trend which you must not send so much… nice print and a bralette underneath will be breathtaking.

The last 3 are the prints: animal, floral prints and stripes are always arround, let’s do some update: Tomcsanyi and Neverfully Dressed are my suggestions

8. Print 1: Polka dots

9. Print 2: ’60s wallpaper

10. Print 3: Tropical: of course noone can beat JLo and Versace, but we can try to copy…

And the perfect dress is presented by Priyanka Chopra: organza, polka dotted and fluffy:




Better me(?!): Minimalism

Hi lovelies,

2019 is a kind of big changing for myself: I try to send and use less, be more sustainable. Since we have moved in we rarely do but things to our flat, as I do not want to make it overcrowded. I think I have not done our home tour  yet, but it is a soon to be however I feel it is not ready yet.

So I am trying to minimizing my closet, take away all that I am not in love with, but first I want to share some recent purchases.

Faux leather skirt– Promod: I always had a faux leather skirt, but as it was smashed I have taken it to the trash in November, so now I have replaced it with an A-line one. It is a mini length and suede patches on the sides.


Basic black T-shirt– H&M: I was needed a v-neck 100% cotton basic black T-shirt as I am really hated my previous Zara one, just I am going to giveaway now. I bought a size bigger than me, just to be more casual.

Leopard shirt- H&M: this is trendy piece, but I do not wanted to spend a lot on it, as it is diffenetely not an investment and also finally I have found one, which is not polyester!

Stripped shirt– H&M: for a long time I wanted to have a blue-white striped shirt and also loved the shirts with a tie at the stomach, so it is a 2in1, I thought it is a pretty basic piece.

Now I am going to take 4 clothes to an exchange event: cut-out red dress, a blue dress (wore years ago), a black skirt (hate its shape) and a brown body (hate the material) – all of these are in perfect conditions, but not using them at all. A  skirt and a dress was so used so  just took to the trash.

Stila- Color Balm Lipstick

unthought it is not belongs to minimalism, but to my cruelty free journey… I have exchanged my MAC blush into this Stila Color Balm lipstick shade elle. Usually I do not like to change my products which I want to sell, but now I have done it as this balm was looked sheer on the reviews online so I was in the deal, but no…. just look at my swatch.  Afterwards I have checked the freshness by its batch code: 2013… It is a kind of fail…


And finally I want to do a minimal makeup challenge in February. I have already selected the 15 products which I am going to use in the entire month, okay it is also great to use up my products before opening a new one or buy a new one. Yes not all of them are cruelty free, but these are a way too expensive, so I wanted use them up:

  1. MAC- Strobe cream: Hydratant lumineux
  2. MAC- Prep+ Prime Lip
  3. MAC- Prep+Prime Fix+
  4. Trend It Up- Insta Ready Foundation
  5. Tarte- Shape Tape Concealer
  6. Clinique- Superpowder
  7. Bobbi Brown- Bronzing Powder
  8. Bobbi Brown- Pink Glow Highlighter
  9. Bobbi Brown- Pot Rouge in Pale Pink
  10. Bobbi Brown- Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil in Blonde
  11. NYX- Epic Ink Liner in Black
  12. Too Faced- Better Than Sex Mascara
  13. MAC- Paint Pot in Painterly
  14. Bobbi Brown- Lip Color in Sandwash Pink
  15. Estee Lauder- Pure Color Love in Rose Xcess

+1 MAC- lipstick in Ruby Woo

I try to do a full face of make up of these products, if some of them will be empty during the month just going to replace them with a CF version. Will be updated at the end.

P.S.: I will try to avoid shopping:)




Why you have nothing to wear?

Hi lovelies,

I think we all know that feeling when you open your wardrobe, which is full of clothes, but you are just searching and searching… but nothing. Yes, we all own a lot of items, which we do not like or not in our size and honestly they are all useless. #girlsproblem

So why you have nothing to wear?

  • … because they are not in your size or you just do not like them: they took the place of your wardrobe, might be you used to love them when you have bought but now it is time to through them away and give these to a charity.
  • … because they are not in a good condition: remember you love that black dress, but now it is looks dark grey, not so classy or even there are some screeches on it-I will repair and wear it on an other day – no you do not, say bye.
  • … because you do not have basics: basics are boring but quite important to pop up your other items, send your money on these and you will not need to buy them all the time,
  • … because you only have basics: that is the opposite and it is a way too boring, Let’s go shopping some new trends,
  • … because you rather buy cheap things: cheap items, looks cheap- buy quality and lack of quantity,
  • … because it is not your style: we do follow the trends, but not all of them are in your personal style and even if its fits you do not feel comfy.
  • … because everyone has the same: try to buy something more unique, I know it is so hard, but might some accessories will help, do not lookalike a clone.
  • … because you are shopping without thinking in outfits: sometimes the new love do not fit to any of the others in your wardrobe or you have bought exactly the same you already have. Let’s plan ahead!

I hope you have enjoyed this small post.

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