Our Christmas

Most important in Christmas is to visit your family, get together and have fun like we do. I love the prepairation, to be cooking everything on the 23rd and 24th  December, decorating the Christmas tree in the morning- and after how our cats plays with it or to see the fire in the fireplace ( unfortunatelly we had to skip it this year as it was extremly warm) get dressed up nicely, listening and singing Christmas songs on. So Georgeous.


He was just sitting on the trash while I was baking 🙂

My outfit and makeup:

I just kept it simple (and forget my shoe)- it was a family event style of course.

Green pleated midi skirt-Asos haul

Shirt from Promod really modest style with some colors


White pulover in case of cold weather.

Make up:

It was really simple with BB cream, my Nars Orgasm blush, black mascara, Mary Lou Highlighter even to my eyelids and the Lady Ball Red Liquid Lipstick from Too Faced.

YSL-Black Opium Floral Shock was my parfume of the day.


For Christmas moms arround the world do a crazy tons of foods. I do not know whether it is a competition to prepair that enormous portions, that the hole family can not eat for twice or what… At least we do not need to cook till New Years:)

Our menu was the following: (really tasty)

I am a foodporn addict so made most of the plats photographed:)

Garlic and Honey (for our Health)

Roasted Duck liver (medium well)


Pheasant Soup with veggie and meatballs


Stuffed cabbage with sour cream (tradional menu here: made of pork with rice in a ball and rolled in sour cabbage and then cooked with paprika- ours not heavy, lack of fat)


Roasted Duck with mashes potatoes and purple cabbage


Ananas Cake (which was made by me with wholegrain  flour just the cream was not perfect… it was looked like some sponge with cream and ananas, but it was tasty:))

Prepairing the table for the dinner:


Roasted pike perch with rice



Of course we also had salty cakes, bejgli (rolled cake filled with wallnut or poppy seed) and the best bonbon: Szaloncukor (StĂĽhmer is a quality one)

img_0465 img_2032

After a lot of eating and drinking, we played some games instead of watching TV.

I am a really big fan of that family event, but due to work I had to come bak to Budapest on the 25th December. It is definitely one of the worst thing working on a Christmas day. Specially people not nicer or more understandable or anything…

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