The 5 sweaters you should own

Hi lovelies,

Welcome back to the blog, it is November: time to switch your wardrobe into Autumn/Winter and let’s talk about sweater and pullovers. Please note before you run to the stores check what you have and declutter everything you do not need: dominate, recycle ect.

So the ideal materials for the sweaters/ pullovers, specially for knits: wool, cashmere and cotton – try to invest in those which will last you for longer. Of course you can “shave them” a few times.

Make sure that the neck stile is suits you well: turtle neck, v-neck, crew neck ect. Likewise I do not like turtle neck for knits only for under T-shirts, maybe I can imagine to have a knit dress with it but not a pullover as I love to wear scarfs. Also v-neck is not my style when it comes to sweater, but I do own one if I am wearing a shirt to do not distroy the collar,

I love to stay on the natural colors for more variety: Black, Grey, Navy, Camel, Beige or White.  So let’s turn to the styles:

Mid-lenght cardigan: is the best thing to pop your outfit, just take it over a nice dress or put it into your jeans ect. mske sure it is not so short, neither too long.

Chunky sweater: is the totally cozy winter wear for me, look so great with a pleated skirt, jeans or on its own with a leggings:

Lightweight (cotton) knit: I do have a lightweight cotton knit from Promod, I think it is one of the most versatile product: it is a true basic, which I can use all year arround. It follows my shape/body and fits well on its own or under a blazer/ cardigan. Now I also adore the Intimissimi campaign: New Fibre: cashmere and silk blend knits. Plain, elegant and classic.

Crew neck sweatshirt: how do not remember them from school, with all those tags and logos on it. Getting into the adulthood it is much more classy to have a plain or a solid logo (like the ones from Ralph Laurent or Tommy Hilfiger) for the sporty days.

V-neck knit: it is hard to find the depth, but if you find the one you will love it for so long, it is so femine and the only which looks great with a Shirt.

+ knit dress: might be you chunky pullover fits as a dress, but if not and you are often freezing during the winter it is the style for you. Style it with a belt or and long boots:

I hope you have find it useful, keep waiting for my update: my own pieces.