Bikini issue of 2018

Hi lovelies,

I know it is July already, but I just finally had the time to purchase my swimwear. I might be boring, but I have chosen Calzedonia again, which is my all time favourite Italian beachwear. They have a really great quality and I love their brazilian briefs like hell.

This year all of the pieces was a dream:

  • Nautical: I have fallen in love with the stripes this summer, so it was not a question what to choose. I wanted to have something more interesting than triangle, and preferable a non-padded top. So I loved those two with and extra binding underneath, like Ivy and Kate 1515. I am too fair for Ivy, but Kate 1515 was perfect for me, so just choose this blue version, so adorable.
  • Black: no summer without black bikini, there are my rescuer: so versatile and simple. I already have a simple triangle with a simple black brazilian, so my choice was the sexy Calzedonia Isabel with ruffles. Ok, the top is not so good for sunbathe, but ideal for after beach and how told that topless is bad? P.S.: it was on 30% sale.
  • Swimsuit: Hungary is the land of spas, I was looking for the perfect swimsuit for over 2 years no, and finally the Oysho plain grey reached the limit: I had a beloved one from the 90s while I was a kid and that is remembers me a lot. I love its back and the shimmer metal rings on the sides so retro.


And you? What are your choices for this summer?



Stay turned for the Toplessness issue;)


SS18 in my wardrobe

Hi everyone!

After my Spring wardrobe wishes it is time to figure out that how I can transform a dozen of  top SS18 trends to my wardrobe. I have read a lot of inspiration on your blogs:

Now check out how I will adapt the top Spring/Summer 18 trends:

  1. Trenchcoat: this is my number one spring/autumn coat in the classic shade since 2008 and a very basic in my wardrobe. This is my second trenchcoat ever(photo from 2012), I love this shape and even ideal for bike rides:)P1180223
  2. Pastel colors: spring is always fresh, so light colors tend to be must have. These pieces have been already in my wardrobe:
  3. Checked: this is interesting for Spring, rather used to have at AW, but I have a nice checked skirt, which is so lightweight purchased a couples of years ago at Zara.IMG_4233
  4. Jeans: everyone love jeans and this season it is comes in all different shapes. We can wear jeans like in the begging of 2000s, but I do not think I will to these too often:
  5. Flowers: also like pastel colors it is comes with spring each year, but this year I want to mix it with the next trend
  6. See-thought: mesh is in trend also for a while, so I just want to purchase a nice mesh dress with some flower applicationmesh
  7. Glitters: one of the hardest thing to wear for me: glitters and it is not just for New Year’s Eve party… Might be that will be the trend which I am going to skip, but this one is really nice… hmm a squinned dresssquinned
  8. Bright colors: for me it is rather a summer trend, it is nice and interesting trend to have bright colorblokking  together. Of course red dresses my basicsIMG_4234
  9. Blazer and blouses: office comes to the street, I love blouses and blazers makes all the outfits so elegant. I have some blacks and a linen cream, but these will be something to purchase.blazer
  10. Dots and stripes: it is an other basic in my wardrobe, but I am just thinking of buying some more dots like this:


Big NO:

Belt bag: it is everywhere, but I will not have it in my wardrobe I am sorry. Sporty version I have for running, but I think a small cross body bag is much more classy



Spring wardrobe wishes

Hi everyone!

Despite the coldest weather now during this Winter I think it is just time to think ahead.

I am just after my seasonal wardrobe clean out – find my tips and tricks here  – and now I feel ready for the Spring and just like AW17 here is my current wish list (summer will be separate). Honestly, you have to know that I love basic capsule wardrobes, so I usually choose timeless pieces and I rather pay more for a quality than having tons of useless clothes  (even thought I have some). See the shops on the printscreens.

White silk top: I have been looking for an ultimate white silk top for ages and finally at Massimo Dutti from real Mulberry Silk. This item just really simply and so feminine which can give an effortless look with a suit or even just a jeans.

Silk blouse: again a basic thing, all women must have. Instead of polyester go for natural silk fabric. Cotton shirts are so office look for me. I do not have an exact wish yet, so here is an option:

Culottes: I am not a trouser girl but this style I just love how comfy it is and also it can be sporty or classy. Might go for a black which is one of my fav or lighter colors:grey or natural with high-rise waist. That is going to be a purchase to save, as I do not know how long it will be a trend to be.

Kimono dress: it might will be a summer dress… It lookalike as a bathrobe, which I love at home:)- it might will be Shirt dress

Accessories: even long, big earrings will be on fashion, like I had for Red blush I really do not like those bigs so I will also choose smaller like this The MAMAKIN’s Empty Circle Earrings:

Street sneakers (light color):white or any light color sneakers are trending now. Again I have to say I am not the kind of white shoe lover as I tend to clean them a lot in a big city??? I just have ordered this blush baby, so cute isn’t it?

+1 MOM jeans

And these babies: probably I will not order them as I have to try and they are a bit expensive to buy without trying….