Wishlist update

Hi lovelies,

My last wishlist was right before Christmas, so I do think it is time to update. It is also great for me to focus on items, which I really want instead of impulse purchases, but it is also ideal for my family and friends to keep it in eyes. I do not say that these things I want them right away but I would accept them anytime.

I was check my last one, I have just realized it was a pretty great one, so firstly those which I am keeping from it:

Lisa Eldridge’s Velvet Ribbon lipstick,

Levi’s 501 in grey wash

The 2 Furla bags: Mimi and Diva (lots of the colors are so great)-good crossbody mid-size leather bag, which I am looking for so far, but maybe it it going to be a camera style bag….

I was also checked my Luxury Christmas gift ideas and I just realized that all of these items are so great I would love to have them and some of them I want to find second hand or something similar…

Also maybe on second hand, alongside with a silk blouse:

and maybe save up for a YSL Cardholder (190 EUR on Net-a-porter)


Then the news:

Everlane Alpaca Crew or Alpaca Cardigan: I just truly believe these would be super soft.

Undersea Bikini: local brand, which has an eco and susbainable certificate, this year I am looking forward to their new collection

Maybe some trend pieces, which are missing from my wardrobe:

Organza blouse and Print dress which are trending now.

I have already mentioned my makeup wishlist in my inventory post

Hair and skin care:

I just tend to continue my more natural way so I would love to try a bamboo toothbrush, natural soap and some naked hair conditioner. + face spray


Taste of Thailand

Hi everyone!

Being a concierge made me a gourmet and a foodporn addict, so happily share you my thought on Thai cuisine. Most people says that our Hungarian cuisine is really spicy (of course that though that only goulash and stuffed cabbage is a Hungarian food while we have much more without paprika) they never taste Thai Cuisine, which is hot chili, but I got addicted. Really loved the lots of fresh products of the street, that they do everything in front of us: mixing the ingredients, cooking and roasting just so amazed. Firstly it was really strange that they do not cut just break the vegetables, or cut with a hatchet, but then we got used to it. We always tried to find a place with plenty of people. But here tells our photos. (Try to explain) It is not all that we ate and honestly we were so European in breakfast choices 🙂

Most of the photos made by iPhone SE with Foodie app. Enjoy the photos and check out My packing