Get your relationship works

Hi everyone!

Let leave the beauty topic and write about love. I would like to share with some little notes about the daily realtionship of my other half. Love is a big topic for psyhology and a great industry for nearly every company. Here is my list when he really into you:

  • Politeness: these are little but great things, he do polite like openning the door for you, helps you to get off your coat ect.
  • Repect: your feelings, thoughts on certain things.
  • Do not jugde you on your way of life, feelings and emotions or on your bad habits.
  • Support and stand by you, when you really need him he is there for you.
  • Have aims together
  • So basicly he is just really care.

Of course we have to do the same for them to be able to get our relationship works. We can do goodwill gestions or little amenities. Even a nice breakfast at home or just a simply coffee can cheer each other up. Even if you are a lady you can invite your loved one into restaurants or coffee houses. I am really hate to see some of my colleagues suffering from girlfriend/wife’s (high maintenance women) high expactations: take me to a holiday or buy expensive things. And what they give on return… themselves… or even nothing. Girl why you behave like a prostitute? Love is an investment so you have to give a real value of return to your loved one (not just your body). You have to make steps too to get your relationship alive long.

Dinner together at homeSimple breakfast together at Starbucks

I am really glad that I have found my other half, my beloved hubby, even we do not spend a lot of time together and he do have bad habits, when we are together we try to spend valued time. Of course sometimes it is really great to have a time alone or with friends, but we still do at least 2 or 3 rendez-vous out of flat a month. And nothing better than waking up to the smell of the morning coffee with him. So it is a really good feeling when both of you works on the relationship but leaving the personal space.

I hope you enjoyed this little note, write your comments below.


Valentine’s day

Hi everyone!

Me and my husband do not really celebrate Valentine’s day as 14th February is his birthday… so he hates that all the cakes are heart-shaped and red hearts everywhere. Valentine day celebration comes from US, still not the most common in Europe… so we only get flowers or bonbons.

So even it is his day, we often have a slightly hint of Valentine:

No men on the Earth would say no to a nice black lace lingerie. This year I am looking for a Triangle bra and some nice panties:

perfume: a perfume has to be sexy, mysterious and classy for the night. I love Lancome: Tresor Midnight Rose or Carolina Herrera 212 Rose- I think I will choose that this year.

Red lipstick: my hubby does not fan of makeup, but he really likes the red lips with nothing else (honestly: seems like nothing else) I will go for my classic MAC: Ruby Woo

Rosé: we do like wines, drinking a glass of quality wine is just our way to finish up a nice day. Dry, fruity (berries) rosé always a nice choice for Valentine’s here my choices from Hungary (if you visit our country you should taste our wines as well).

If you are in Budapest on the 14th February, here is my top Concierge recommendations for Restaurants with special menu:

  • Legenda Dinner Cruise: two and a half hour candle lit dinner with your loved on the World Heritage Site of Danube Banks.
  • Zona Bistro by the Chain Bridge with a spectacular view, amazing food (even selected by her side and his side) and my favourite Kristinus wines.
  • Callas Café and Restaurant: if you wish to have something more classical in the city centre by the Opera


2017 was for me AKA the year of marriage

Welcome everyone!

We ar still in 2018, but I was to share a bit of my 2017. Try to explain why I was so speechless for a while during the year.

We had a really joy of skiing at the French Alps in January. I am skiing since my age of 5 so over 20 years and it will be hard that year skipping it due to our honeymoon. I can probably admit that this was the best week of last year at Portes du Soleil- Avoriaz. I was really pleased to ski with my father, sister and boyfriend and simply got addicted to Mont D’Or cheese:).

I was honored to take part in Annual Concierge trip, this year we were at Belgrade and Novi Sad, Serbia. Just had a fun time with colleagues among Budapest Hotels.


Even he asked me in July, 2016 only in April,2017 we have started planning of our marriage. I was a really nice period of the year, even we gave only 4 months to ourselves to get ready for it. We arranged everything and DIY a lot of things which was just fun. Through the summer we was not go out so much, did not buy useless clothes, things just strictly focused on to be able to afford what we want. We had a lot of time spent together like: choosing the place, doing decorations, shopping for his suit, shoes, shirts, planning or going to the flower farm ect.

See our Our wedding decor 

My bridal make up/ menyasszonyi sminkem

Some photos below:

Even we did not go on a holiday, we tried to make fun at Swimming World Championship here in Budapest or my study tour to Lake Balaton or bear farm visit or Hévíz right after our marriage.

Emotionally my year was really hard, being shown to be happy, while my grandma had a serious heart problem through the whole year. She was first hospitalized in March, than 5-6 times during the summer , while finally she have had her operation and then 3 months of rehabilitation. I can not write how hard is to smile to the guests while you just have read your mom’s text that she is in hospital again or having for fitting right after 400 km driving during the night, but thankfully she is the strongest and most courageous lady I know and really proud of being her grandchild even she was missed our marriage. Love you granny and I am really thankful for this year.