How to budget effectively?

Hi lovelies,

I have not written for a while due to some personal issues, but it does not mean that I did not write anyting for you:

After a plenty of time and work of planning, designing, I am glad to say that my Budgeting pdf with a helpful excelsheet is out!

Have you ever thinking about where all you money goes? If yes, do not forget to read and share my short guide to personal budgeting. Let’s achive a more conscious life together.
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PS: I am also hardly working on my YouTube, so stay tuned!

My shopping rules (financial)

Hi lovelies,

Recently I have posted a couple of hauls, so you might think that I am really a shoppoholic. Honestly, I am not considering myself as a big shopper and I am really try to skip impulse shopping. Here is my general rules:

  • I am always check my household, wardrobe ect. before going to shopping,
  • Never go shopping before meals or empty stomach,
  • Always give a time limit, so if I see it is too long row at cashier, simply do not get in at all,
  • I am using my bike in the city, so do not get into the shopping mall by the metrostation,
  • Buying clothes: always check the quality and waiting before purchasing a few days ( I have not bought any clothes since July- bikini exapt the underwear this month)-think about it,
  • Always know where they have sales, but do not go there are buy just in care if I have something waiting for a while,
  • I do give away/recycle or through away at least the same number of items if I purchase something,
  • Create and following my rules: like do only purchase CF cosmetics, or only buying a clothes if I would love it by the next day or the 3rd day as well,
  • try to buy from local designers,
  • I am writing done my incomes and purchases into a notebook daily, put it into an Excel weekly.

One thing is really important, that I only send 15% of my fixed income freely!