How to book hotel room like a hotelier

A lot of people has been asked me how I am booking hotel rooms as a hotelier… Honestly I hate Airbnb due to the inflexibility of hosts, no treatment and of course the knowledge of the hosts are much more weak than a 4-5 starts hotel concierge.

What you have to know first usually we go for our hotel chain’s employee rate, because it is much more cheaper (ex. in Asia), it is a with breakfast rate, we do have other benefit and of course colleagues are colleagues…


Here is my tips and tricks about hotel booking:

  • Consider Hotel room photos like beauty bloggers’ photos on Intagram: light, makeup, Photoshop and best cameras
  • always check the photos at room type also,not just at the top of the page
  • check out the description of the room!!!
  • if you not an early check-out, always book with breakfast – breakfast is much cheaper in package likewise at the front desk we charge 20% more if you book it upon check-in, while in breakfast room we charge 50% more
  • so if you forget your breakfast to book with the room but you loved to have it book it at front desk instead of he restaurant (usually it is a bit cheaper)
  • scroll down for details: what card accepted or usually no more than 1 extra bed can bed fitted in a standard room, but most of OTA like Expedia or Booking can not handle of it
  • comment your preferences: king size/twin beds or child with you, but not all the wishes are upon availability but we tend to fulfill it if we see it in advanced
  • if you are having an anniversary or celebration with it too, you might get some amenities in room
  • read Tripadvisor but do not think it is a Bible most of the satisfied guests do not share their thoughts! Always think whether the writer own opinion is the same as yours…
  • always think about your trip style and try to fit the hotel to it- if you will not spend your time at the hotel room, you do not need a big view
  • make a use of loyalty programmes (hotel or airline)
  • Read terms and conditions: advanced purchase might be a great deal, but only book these rates if you are 100% that you will go (for example: you already have a flight ticket)

I hope my list help you and have a nice travel:)


PS.: do not forget to have a travel insurance 🙂