My shopping rules (financial)

Hi lovelies,

Recently I have posted a couple of hauls, so you might think that I am really a shoppoholic. Honestly, I am not considering myself as a big shopper and I am really try to skip impulse shopping. Here is my general rules:

  • I am always check my household, wardrobe ect. before going to shopping,
  • Never go shopping before meals or empty stomach,
  • Always give a time limit, so if I see it is too long row at cashier, simply do not get in at all,
  • I am using my bike in the city, so do not get into the shopping mall by the metrostation,
  • Buying clothes: always check the quality and waiting before purchasing a few days ( I have not bought any clothes since July- bikini exapt the underwear this month)-think about it,
  • Always know where they have sales, but do not go there are buy just in care if I have something waiting for a while,
  • I do give away/recycle or through away at least the same number of items if I purchase something,
  • Create and following my rules: like do only purchase CF cosmetics, or only buying a clothes if I would love it by the next day or the 3rd day as well,
  • try to buy from local designers,
  • I am writing done my incomes and purchases into a notebook daily, put it into an Excel weekly.

One thing is really important, that I only send 15% of my fixed income freely!