TOP 10 items of 2019

Hi lovelies,

Happy New Year again. I have did the best and the worst of 2018 last year, now I just want to focus on my favourite of 2019. As I have learned how to say good buy to items, which I can not get a use of there is no point to do a negative list. Yes the last was only beauty now it is going to be everything, the items which are useful and makes me happy:




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#1: My camel turtleneck cashmere sweater from COS– it was a pricey, but investment piece in November, but since I bought it I just want to wear it all the time, it is lightweight but warm.





#2: Gino Rossi Sandal, I know I try to be cruelty free, however I just think I should own more items made of natural fabrics…






#3: Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick– the perfect nude lipstick in every aspect, which worst every penny…





#4: The Ordinary Hyaluronic acid 2 + b5– is a skin changer in a good and easy way to start and finish my days and finally my skin is smooth and hydrated.





#5: The Ordinary Niacinamide: the other hero which I just use only for the night…and it was in my 2018 favourites too. Helps me to reduce broke outs…





#6: The Body Shop: Camomile Sustuos Cleansing Butter is  keeping for my 2018 list, beacuse that melting cleanser was really changing my routine and took towards to more sustainable way of thinking + the metal packaging I am keeping for my ‘naked’ products.





#7: It Cosmetics CC: I think it is a favourite to a lot of you too, yeah I can understand why: so good packaging, spf protection, perfect cover and skin lookalike feeling.





#8: Nars: Orgasm blush: still love this light golden pink blush, I know it is going to be over by this year and I cannot repurchase it due to their non CF status…





#9: Letterboard:(Butlers) so much fun and great accessorie to our flat, just love it.






#10: my Bucherer Clefs D’Or– So proud and honored to be able to wearing it everyday on my uniform. So bad that a lot of (usually lower class guests) do not know what does that means, but really cool to meet with those how are appriciate our knowledge.

December haul

Hi lovelies,

Let’s go back to 2019 for a bit I was nearly forgetting my end of the year and it is my last haul of last year, which will be based on my Christmas gifts and some end of the year sales. You might read that I want to change a bit of my speding habits, eventhought it will be a bit more because of the Chritmas, but I was into to investment pieces:

You might remember my Christmas wishlist, so firstly let me tell you what I have received from it:

So that was the wallett, the Hourglass Ghost Ambient Lightening palette and the silk Intimissimi bra and slip. I have also mentioning that I wish to have a brown leather belt and a hair curler, so these are what I have received:


And a beautiful Kazar belt:


On the top I have received Smashbox Buildable check brush and a Photo Finish Minimize Pores primer, which are both excellent products but I was always considered to be too expensive to buy for myself.

I also receive a cute calendar, a Mamakin necklance, a book and some chocolates, which I am all happy and greatful with.

Last beauty orders of 2019:

Feelunique: 15% if you click on the link

I have repurchased my holy grail from The Ordinary Hyralonic Acid and the Niaciamide serum. Lumene Micellar water is seem like a great Cruelty free alternative of Bioderma, I hope I will love it. Rose Quartz Roller I was eying for a while and now I was thinking of ordering it in order to improve my skincare routine.

The very last day of the year we went to shopping with my bestie and I was so good, only choosing one products to buy on the sales: Tommy Hilfiger Fran skirt. It is a pricier corduroy A-line skirt in navy blue, but it is BCI certificate. It was also sometihng which I was looking for a while. That is an ideal warm winter skirt for me. That is still reflect to my 2020 plans.


Thsi year the Hauls and updates will be on last day of each months.


“How many money?” -2

Hi lovelies,

After the post yesterday, let’s continue counting with my beauty haJune vanity updateuls:


I do not have the most expensive purchases on a photo, but deffinetely the Olaplex and The Ordinary Argan Oil, used up 3 conditioners and ca. 4 sampoo with my hubby, so I can just estimate: 20 000 HUF (ca. 63 EUR)

That is why there is no point to count the body products…

FACE Care:

Again not all of them are on the pictures, but I do have a total: 42 224 HUF (ca. 130 EUR)

Make up:

maybe my most documented acts, so I can also mention who much I used up in a year and also, which I did not workedfor me:

Okay, the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow and the NYX Palette was gifted only. Total: 69 572 HUF (ca. 220 EUR) out of 10 000 HUF (ca. 32 EUR) used up, while 5,7 EUR was not for me at all (waste).

I hope you had enjoyed. How much you have spent this year? How much money you have wasted?


“How many money?”

Hi lovelies,

I hope you had a great Christmas so far and enjoyed my wishlist and hauls in this holiday season. At the end of the year is the time to summary, to account the year and as well as our spendings as well. In the beginning of the year I started an intensive Cruelty Free journey and used up as many products as I could, while during the year I was started to think more sustainable about my spending… Now let’s count my shopping, estimate the spendings and do the “people’s judgement”- in the comment section- try to come along witha conclusion.


Might be the easiest category first- as for myself I onlybought a necklace, a headband, a hair band, rubber and a bobby-pin:

I admit that these things are ones which I can live without, but I love the cashmere headband it is so useful for ear protection and the pins just pop up my look sometimes. The necklace and the rubber was okay for holiday.

All from H&M– 5 pieces- spending: 11 472 HUF (ca. 36 EUR)

Gifts was:


It is so unbelievable I have purchased only one shoe, which was a summer sandal (leather) on sale:


Brand: Gino Rossi– 1 item- spending: 8 850 HUF (ca. 28 EUR)


OMG, it is even hard to collect:

I think I had one more Yellow summer dress, which is not on the montage. Eventually I have 2 (leopard shirt and the black flower patern dress, which are not in my wardrobe anymore and the black dotted dress I have not even wore yet, while the brown dotted only one.

Brands: H&M, Zara, Mango, Promod, Oysho, Levi’s, COS– 21 items-  168 642 HUF (ca.527 EUR) ca. 40 EUR spent on useless clothes, which is in a way much, but on the otherhand not that much because it is under my 5% of income, however I am still wants to decease the numbers in the future and buy more quality items next year- at least one from a local designer.

Let’s continue tomorrow with make up and skin care…


What I am gifting for this Christmas

Hi lovelies,

It is 24th December, the night when we receiving our gifts in Hungary. So for us Christmas is rather about that the family gets together and having a nice time eating, chatting, singing and playing, so you might think it is not such a huge gifts. A lot of people think (wrongly) it is not a great even and you can buy everthing when ever you want- that why of thinking is the key to lead us overconsumption, the costmer based society, so teach your children to wait for certain things, to be able to enjoy when they get it, not just buy them whenever they say, enjoy the wander of Christmas and no stress about the gifts, be relaxed. I do really enjoying Christmas and the Advent period, I love to think about “what they would love”, imagine what they would love and even just ask my family members to write a wishlist and then I can just choose from. Enjoy making packing is so joyful- so think ahead and so stress:). Rather not buy just give them the money you would spent on them.


I have paired up with my brother and sister to buy the gifts together for the rest of the family- I bought only my hubby’s gift seperately.

I have homemade for everyone a small portion of sugar almond.

My Grandparents:

Like every year we have made a persolized calendar from our pictures, which they do love and have space on their wall. I have made some sweeted almonds and bought a pack of their favourite coffee, which they would buy anyway.

My Parents:

We did the same calendar, almonds and for my dad: 2 shirts and a leather belt (all of them were he would buy anyway. For my mum a Sony Sports wireless stereo headset and a book.


My sister and her boyfriend:

They have been ask for two real leather gloves, so that is what we have bought with my brother and of course the almonds what I have done and a ticket for a theather in January. I have nearly forgot the homemade cotton pads for her.

My brother and his girlfriend:

We have made a “hugge box” for them as they told we need nothing… so the little nothing was: candle, mademade cotton pads, almonds, theather tickets and cooking class in a wire basket.

My husband:

His main gift from us was a Hama GAMING HEADSET – I think it is Urage- which my brother choose to him, also a book and a theather tickets for 3 places, which he can choose and I hope he will choose me to go to.


How was your Christmas?

+ charity box:

Like every year we do a charity box, which was the following this year:




DIY Christmas gifts

Hi lovelies,

After my luxury suggestions and my wishlist, now it is time to share some DIY Christmas gifts, which I usually do every year or just this is the first time. Enjoy:

Photo Calendar/Photobook or Printed Photo: it is like a half DIY

It is very easy to make online software by Cewe, the most hardest thing is to collect and choose the photos to use for it, yeah it is require time, but all of my grandparents and my parents loves it, as we have nearly no photo printed. Tip: you can make also digital photo books or printed picture to the wall.

Experience Box:

Do you know these Chinese cookies? So that is going to be similar and the gifts upto your budget. It is most ideal for your loved one, you can make monthly or weekly little gifts like the one on HIP2Save.



There is nothing better than having gifted something you have made on your own. Do you have talent in sewing, knitting, doing jewels etc. knit a scarf, do some ceramics, sew something like cotton pads (as me).

Bake or cook:

If you love cooking or baking, let’s shine your hidden talent. In the basic case I would to start with Ginger bread or Cinnanom sugar almonds, which is my absolute must have. Or just create your own spice mix…


I hope you have enjoyed. Merry Christmas baby!


P.S.: You might wonder why I did not suggest DIY cosmetics? First I have never ever done, second every people skin is different and third I am not a Chemist.



My pullover collection

Hi lovelies,

Yes the Winter is coming… evenmore it is there. So I have promised to share with you guys my current pulover colletion. These might be not be best quality items, but these are owned by years from now and this is the base which I would like to update  bit in the future. It is will not be a big collection and might be the colors are a bit boring… and I had to admit I have not find my wool blend chunky knit dress, it is might be at my sister as I was lend it to her last winter, when they went to Moscow.


Off-white / cream knit with a back black tie- Promod: It is a plain white knit with screws and a little twist on the back.

Blush pink, kind of chenille pullover with white dots- Orsay: I think it is 4-5 years old now, so soft and warm, unfortunately not from a natural fabric.


Camel Cashmere- Cos: my newest and big ture love,love.


Pink/Grey higlighted knit- Promod: I was purchased it last year, nice look, however it is not natural at all and I do not find it practical to have a shorter sleeve.


Grey knitted pullover- Promod: my other favourite for 3 years now, love its back with thetiny pink bow.

Navy cotton knit- Promod: one of my lighter sweater, which I can wear all year ca.  years old.


Black v-neck- Athmosphere/Primark: it is also a lighter sweater, but the quality is much more lower than the above mentioned, but having it for 4 years,  might have to change it soon.


Dark grey cardigan- Orsay: it is so old, but I am unable to let it go as it is so cozy, versatile ect. I must buy an other like this is lighter color.


I hope you have enjoyed. I do suggest to do the same, review and repair before you buy a new one.



Black Friday haul

Hi lovelies,

It is Cyber Monday, so now it is time to share an other haul with you:


Black Friday is all about great coupons and sales, I was planning ahead to shop only the items which are on my wishlist or on my Christmas gift list, who do not want to buy things for on a fraction of the price…. and finally you can buy all luxury goods you have just wanted.


Yes, that is might be thue in the US, but here  in Europe usually only 15-20 % or might be more if you spend more, but why to spend on more thing just to get a 30% or a 40% and usually over 200 EUR. So after an exhauted working day I was decided to skip going to any of the shopping malls and looking something online as I was really fed up with people.

Only deals was the same: on certain items, only 20% off ect. okay I have nearly bought this beautiful Furla Mimi for 50% in mid-size, but then I have realized even 220 EUR is so much to spend on myself, otherwise I do not want to force anyone to buy me a that expensive bag for Christmas (if they do in their own that their decision) and I think I will have the case in January too.  I was thinking of a lot of smaller deals like: Undersea bikinis, Cultbeauty, H&M or Mango…


So finally I was ended up purchasing a train tickets and goung to the countryside to my parents’ house and I think I was never been that thankful for a late night walk with my dogs.


So 29th November in 2019 was a really great BUY NOTHING DAY.


November haul

Hi lovelies,

So it is the next haul which I have promised in October. November is always a month to declutter for me, so let’s begin with it: I have take a hole sac of holey, hardly worn clothes to H&M this month too in their recyle system, it is ca. 15 items. Also took some underwear to Intimissimi recycling program.

I have wrote about the Lush stuffs in my previous post: 7 to 3 face cleaners, the naked argan sampoo and shower and bathing things.

I have found a COS Cashmere knit in a camel color in the beginning of the month at Dorothy & Aby outlet (they do sell the previous years’ fashion collected from Budapest’s stores) for half price.


During the coupon days I did some general shopping at the drogstores again and yes no make up bought, I am so proud just these:


So at H&M I have bought this beautiful brown dotted dress, it is reminds me the 1990s so much and of course a the velvet hair brand, which reminds me to my childhood, so lovely. Unfortunately, their premium collection is not available in stores, so will keep more online shopping.


From Zara a classic brown trouser:


I have a smaller accident when I have distroyed my jeans so I have to purchase a new Mile High Skinny in the demin blue shade.


I have bought a gift for my husband, but let’s keep it in secret:). Christmas is coming…

At The Body Shop I have repurchased my beloved melting balm, the tree tea oil and as I finished my UD setting spray I have choose their ones. And yes, I have not bought any make up beside than this.


100 item declutter challenge

Hi lovelies,

If you remember I have made a trashed November last year,so let’s continue this year before the new year too. I made a big mistake that I have not pictures it together…

Yes I still have a not of items which we do not use in our flat, which is pretty small so space is everything here. Start: 100 


During this months I have taken 15 pieces which was really riped or smashed to H&M. Gifted to my mother-in-law 2 pullovers and a T-shirt. 83


I have decluttered my makeup collection a few times, let’s see  what it started:

I am on a cruelty free journey, so try to use up everything non-cruelty free, but spend a tons of money on it, but here what I have decluttered:

My Lush liner and Body Shop primer were expired, MAC lip liner has broken to trash them, while my MAC palettes, pressed glitter and Sin lipstick gifted to my sister, the Tarte lipstick to my mom, while the Trend-it-up lippie to the charity box (only swatched it)with a body lotion. MAC paint pot is a way to old so it is a BACK2MAC by my sister, while Trend-it-up cream shadow has a smell (only 3 months old ??)so to the trash. There 4 nail lac all dried out so… The UDD All nighter just has 1-2 times to use (use it up by the time I am writting). 66

Not bad and I still have some items to panning till the end of the year:).

Food and drinks:

I have took to work a Turkish Delice and a big box of Belgian chocolate as we never eat these at home and also freeze the gifted beers (rare ones, hand mades and one from Estonia) to drink by my husband later on. By the pastry organizing I have just find out that we do have a way more teas that we can drink so some will be in the charity box and told  to my friends and family to do not gift us a tea for Christmas and try to drink the last years ones. 60 (it is more but only counted that as there are not a long term items)

Stationeries and others: 

I have digitized most of my loyalty cards and trashed the 70 % of it. Trashed a lot of papers, past notebooks, 3 old mobiles, along with my old hair straightener and a hairdryer back to an electric store. The box, which contains other boxes to the selective…old medals(half marathon participate) and ribbons to trash, asseccories to give away. 35

now let’s back to clothes I have decluttered my underwear: all my old pants, bras or uncomfortable bras went back to Intimissimi… 23

last 23 items was more clothes, which all went to secondhand or charity store: