Wishlist update

Hi lovelies,

My last wishlist was right before Christmas, so I do think it is time to update. It is also great for me to focus on items, which I really want instead of impulse purchases, but it is also ideal for my family and friends to keep it in eyes. I do not say that these things I want them right away but I would accept them anytime.

I was check my last one, I have just realized it was a pretty great one, so firstly those which I am keeping from it:

Lisa Eldridge’s Velvet Ribbon lipstick,

Levi’s 501 in grey wash

The 2 Furla bags: Mimi and Diva (lots of the colors are so great)-good crossbody mid-size leather bag, which I am looking for so far, but maybe it it going to be a camera style bag….

I was also checked my Luxury Christmas gift ideas and I just realized that all of these items are so great I would love to have them and some of them I want to find second hand or something similar…

Also maybe on second hand, alongside with a silk blouse:

and maybe save up for a YSL Cardholder (190 EUR on Net-a-porter)


Then the news:

Everlane Alpaca Crew or Alpaca Cardigan: I just truly believe these would be super soft.

Undersea Bikini: local brand, which has an eco and susbainable certificate, this year I am looking forward to their new collection

Maybe some trend pieces, which are missing from my wardrobe:

Organza blouse and Print dress which are trending now.

I have already mentioned my makeup wishlist in my inventory post

Hair and skin care:

I just tend to continue my more natural way so I would love to try a bamboo toothbrush, natural soap and some naked hair conditioner. + face spray


My easy skin care routine

Hi lovelies,

This is the 2020 update of my skincare routine. It is easy, sustainable and relatively cheap. Yeah I have skipped using retionol and strong BHA acids due to some plans this year. And of course you can consider this post as an other inventory list as my makeup was.

Here is what I am using for my combination skin in 2020:

In the morning:

I always start with a glass of water, then getting into the bathroom washing my face with cold water cleansing while using a washclothes and cotton pads depending on the products(always use two types). Then toning and moisturizing my face to be ready for makeup.

Lush 7 to 3 cleansing pad

Micellar water– currently- Lumene one

Toner: Pixi Glow

Moisturizer: Polfa-Tarchomin (Polish Pharma brand) Hyaluron Regenal cream is a more thicker cream than the E.l.f. Daily Hydration Moisturizer, which I was used to use during the year, but I need a bit more now in the Winter

Eye cream: Farmacy – Dew It all (used the Naturschön Augencream, but I think they do changed something, which really iritates me, so just replaced it)


Night or afternoon routine:

So I work in the morning I do remove my makeup upon arrival to home and use double cleansing + moisturizer, the same as in the morning.

If I am working until late night these two rituals links together: triple cleansing, then using serums, sometimes my face roller tooand oil if I have breakouts. A few minutes later I do apply my night cream and the Carmex in the bedroom.

The Body Shop: Camomile Cleansing Butter

Lush 7 to 3 cleanser

Micellar water

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% +B5

The Ordinary Niaciamide 10% + Zinc 1%

If needed: The Body Shop Tree Oil

Night cream: Helia D- Botanic Concept Moisturising Night Cream with Tokaji Wine Extract


Which I try to use weekly:

Lush lip scrub in Bubblegum

Hello JO – Bright Eye Jelly Masks

The Body Shop – Japanese Matcha Tea Pollution Clearing Mask

Sheet Mask, Suncreams and a Body Butter (should use more often).


Of course I do have some back ups and samples in my skincare inventory: to use up these will be important during my low buy year



See you soon and Xoxo,


The Make up inventory of 2020

Hi lovelies,

I was written to update on my makeup for you in January. So my plan for the year in terms of make up:

One fresh beauty products per month! Rather try to use up and enjoy my current items and panning them, specially my eyeshadows.

Firstly let’s see my makeup box and count:

I would not say that I have an enormous collection of makeup like in the lot of the declutter videos on YouTube, but I still feel a bit overwhelming of them so I will try to desize my collection in 2020 and only add 12 new items and of course saving some money.

I own:

  • 12 lipsticks,
  • 7 eyeshadow palettes,
  • 4 highlighters,
  • 3 foundations,
  • 3 blushes,
  • 3 mascaras,
  • 3 bronzers,
  • 3 eyeliners,
  • 3 lipliners,
  • 3 concealers
  • 2 faceprimers,
  • 2 setting powders,
  • 2 lip oils,
  • 1 face palette,
  • 1 lash glue,
  • 1 fake lash,
  • 1 lightening drop,
  • 1 single eye pigment,
  • 1 eyeshadow primer,
  • 1 lipprimer

So in total of 60 items… so my goal is to downsize it to 40 by mainly using up the current items I have. Also my other aim it to finally reach the total cruelty free make up inventory  by the end of the year


2 items are missing: my Lanolip oil and a Becca undereye corrector- I think I left them at work …

I just have to do a bit of decluttering now too, which would be:

The E.l.f. Concealer, which is broken so it is a bit too dry now + the color is not a match for me (fair is too dark), my everyday Trend it up mascara is just too old to use, finally my friend came to pick up my old MAC products, which I was gifted for her (2 palettes and a lipstick). (55)

I am on the way to panning this month:

Bobbi Brown bronzer, Nars Orgasm blush, The Balm: Mary Louminizer and using up my Chanel setting powder, The Body Shop Tint Nude BB, Trend it up Lip Oil, Estee Lauder Coral an MAC mini Chili lipstick. Of course I try to use only one eyeshadow in this month, which is my Tarte Tartelette in Bloomson palette.

So I can only buy 12 pieces of make up, so what would be if I would just buy them now: (I try to be realistic as I would need some replacement during the year for sure)

  1. It Cosmetics CC (replacement)
  2. Urban Decay Perversion mascara in mini (replacement)
  3. RMS beauty: Eye Polish
  4. Lisa Eldridge: Velvet Ribbon lipstick
  5. Fenty Beauty: Gloss Bomb
  6. Fenty Beauty: Sun Starlk’r Instant Warmth Bronzer
  7. Too Faced: Better Than Sex Waterproof mini mascara
  8. Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde palette
  9. Lilah B.: Divine Duo- Lips and Cheeks
  10. Charlotte Tilbury brown eyeliner
  11. Charlotte Tilbury lip liner
  12. Hourglass: Veil Mineral Primer

OMG it is such a huge wishlist, however it can be changed throught out the year.


TOP 10 items of 2019

Hi lovelies,

Happy New Year again. I have did the best and the worst of 2018 last year, now I just want to focus on my favourite of 2019. As I have learned how to say good buy to items, which I can not get a use of there is no point to do a negative list. Yes the last was only beauty now it is going to be everything, the items which are useful and makes me happy:




scroll down









#1: My camel turtleneck cashmere sweater from COS– it was a pricey, but investment piece in November, but since I bought it I just want to wear it all the time, it is lightweight but warm.





#2: Gino Rossi Sandal, I know I try to be cruelty free, however I just think I should own more items made of natural fabrics…






#3: Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick– the perfect nude lipstick in every aspect, which worst every penny…





#4: The Ordinary Hyaluronic acid 2 + b5– is a skin changer in a good and easy way to start and finish my days and finally my skin is smooth and hydrated.





#5: The Ordinary Niacinamide: the other hero which I just use only for the night…and it was in my 2018 favourites too. Helps me to reduce broke outs…





#6: The Body Shop: Camomile Sustuos Cleansing Butter is  keeping for my 2018 list, beacuse that melting cleanser was really changing my routine and took towards to more sustainable way of thinking + the metal packaging I am keeping for my ‘naked’ products.





#7: It Cosmetics CC: I think it is a favourite to a lot of you too, yeah I can understand why: so good packaging, spf protection, perfect cover and skin lookalike feeling.





#8: Nars: Orgasm blush: still love this light golden pink blush, I know it is going to be over by this year and I cannot repurchase it due to their non CF status…





#9: Letterboard:(Butlers) so much fun and great accessorie to our flat, just love it.






#10: my Bucherer Clefs D’Or– So proud and honored to be able to wearing it everyday on my uniform. So bad that a lot of (usually lower class guests) do not know what does that means, but really cool to meet with those how are appriciate our knowledge.

June vanity update

Hi lovelies,

I have not written for a long time, I have planned to write some other topics to my blog, but due to a huge tragedy in my husband’s family I just cannot… might be updating on it later on.

So it is just going to be a simple update on my summer vanity. So I have discontinue using retinol through the summer (I was thinking to skip it in May, but it was so rainy) and chemical AHA/PHA from my skincare routine. I was really missing The Ordinary Niaciamide and Zink, so I have repurchased it and have already ordered my Pixi Glow tonic, 250 ml will be enough for a year again.

SPF is so important during the summer, so I have started using The Ordinary Sunscreen with SPF 15, I know it is not a huge amount, but all the BB creams have 30 or 25 so it is ideal just to complete each other. I had three naevus and verruca which were flicked off recently so I have to use a BIODERMA Cicabio with SPF 50, I know it is not CF, but there is a Zinc in it too and I am strictly following my dermatologist recommendations to recover soon.

I have used up my Clinique BB (will not repurchase not cruelty free) and Trend it up Insta Ready Foundation, which was not bad at all, but I think I had to use a bit more to have the same result as with the above mentioned. Last month I have bought the IT Cosmetics CC in Light Medium,which is too dark for me (even findation suggestion), so I have purchased The Body Shop Fresh Nude BB in fair, while I have no tan to use and a shade adjusting drops for lightening. So only my Estee Lauder Double Wear is not cruelty free now, but I want to use it up for wedding and occasions during the summer (it is too heavy for my daily complexion). Same goes with the MAC Strobe cream, I do not want to use it during summer days as my skin is more oily than druing winter, so I can use up the last drops during the weddings…

I have been trashed my Bobbi Brown Liquid Art Stick, which I just simply hate and the Eyeshadow stick.  Keep processing with my MAC stuffs

May beauty situations

Hi lovelies,

We do have a rainy May, so spending a lot of time indoor and doing a lot of works in the hotel and also from home as the conference season is on.

So I was diagnized with seborrhea at the end of March, I always have dandruff in Winter, but never thought that much, so I got some cream and medicals and went to allergy test, which shown my intolarance od diary products. So I am not drinking or eating them for 6 weeks and I tend to say my skin also looks much better and having lack of seborrhea which is such great. So I try to find the best sampoo possible as the medical sampoos are just occasional use only. The Body Shop Banana shampoo is one of my favourite, but it has too much parfume in it. Nature Box contains a bit less of fagrance, but I am not sure is they are CF, so just has purchased an Inecto Argan Shampoo, which is vegan and cruelty free and has lack of parfum. So just hope that it is going to work.

Now I have to admit that even I am try to be cruelty free I am not vegan and do not want to be vegan even if we have days without meat, sometimes I love to eat meat, specially fishes and also I can not suggest restaurant without having an overview of their cuisine.

My recent empties:

Bobbi Brown Brow pencil and lipstick in Sandwash Pink are not CF, so will not repurchase them, I already have a dupe of the lipstick in a Charlotte Tilbury one. Tarte lifted mascara is a nice brown mascara, it is getting a way too dry and used it up duuring the last 6-7 months, I do not know whether I will repurchase it or not, because it gives a really nice look but nothing extra for the price.  The Ordinary serum foundation is changed into a very bad shape: oil seperated from the other parts, color changed, so I can not use it any more – it is openned for 9 months…

I have took back 6 products to MAC and choose a lipstick in Faux for one of my greatest friend’s birthday.


Reflecting on recent purchases:

My top of top is the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick I just love it, it is the perfect lipstick: nice color, easy to wear, matte but not dry and the rosegold package is not stunning. While the Pupa I’m Pupa matte lipstick also such a great shade, but it is a bit more on the drier side, but do not forget it is half priced to CT one. I have discovered two really great Trend it up products: Expert lip primer & care is a great due to MAC prep+ prime lip for the price of a tenth and also their lip oil is such a miracle.


It cosmetics cc also a great product, however I have ordered light- medium based on the sephora.com foundation finder, it is a bit dark for me, so might be during the summer I can make a use of, but it is look great on the skin. The Body Shop Lightening touch concealer is a great dupe for YSL Touch Eclat, while E.l.f. gel liner is nice to replace Mac blacktrack liner.

I am unable to use the Lano Allover cream as my husband just adore and taking it everywhere;). I did not have the opportunity to try out the other lanolips products as I am still thinking to keeping both or giving one to my sister. Also The Ordinary Sunscreen is useless in this bad weather so…

E.l.f. Daily hydration moisturizer and Beauty Shield spray are nice products, but have not decided if them empty will I repurchase them or not.  I am not going to repurchase the Trend it up Eyeshadow Cream, it is nice on the top of other eyeshadows but not long wearing and not waterproof at all.

So I hope you enjoyed reading.



Spring is in the air

Hi lovelies,

It is finally April, which is the real Spring month: take the trench coat on and ride your bike! I was really frustrated using the public transportation so far from November to March I just get fed up with people standing in my aura:).

I just have changed a couples of warm clothes into lighter ones in my closet and next week just going to take back to H&M, I think I will use up the coupon for home stuff there. Yes, our flat is improving but we still have not have our built-in wardrobe at the hallway, which is an issue with the Carpenter since January, so I just really hope that he will manage to do it by the end of April. Finally the last pieces to our kitchen: fridge it’s on its way. In March we have sent like a 30 000 HUF (ca. 120 USD) on plants inside- some of my friends told we are two scary doing a botanical garden, but also the balcony project will be on this month!

Into my cruelty free journey: that was my last order from Feelunique: Yes a lots of E.l.f. products, but HD concealer was free in 3 for 2 promo and I also sent more than 18 GBP on the brand so got an HD powder too, which is so great to replace my NYX HD, which dries my skin.

And finally I purchased my Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick, which I was wanted for ever since (maybe just for ages)… I think it is a nice alternative for Bobbi Brown Sandwashed Pink. The Body Shop stopped selling my beloved Argan oil, so I will try this The Ordinary one out.

Also Spring is the best time to visit Budapest :).


My blushes and highlighters

Hi lovelies,

I have already posted my Foundation and Bronzer kits, so here we go with my blushes and highlighter. All of these products will be powder based and cruelty free. I do not have a cream blush now, if I would I just take a lipstick, but my Skin is combination oily so I do not use so much of cream products, only at Winter time.

Tarte- Paaarty

This a beautiful palette nude from their Amazonian Clay 12- hour blush in a deluxe size, just ideal light matt color for everyday use.


NYX- Crimson

True red high-definition blush, so highly pigmented, I just bought it for a ’20s inspired make up, but rather use it as an eyeshadow, it said the expiry in 6M after opening, come on… might be declutter it. It should be matt, but there are some clanky big white shimmer in it… so trash.



I think I do not need to say why I love it, it is the perfect peachy blush with a hint of golden shimmer, I have bought it before Nars went to China, so I will use it up!orgasm

Natasha Denona- Blush & Glow

I love the minis and it is my newest purchase, the blush is called golden coral, similar to Nars Orgasm, but much less of golden shimmer in it. The highlighter is all over glow #01 light is a frosty highlighter with a tiniest gold- pink and white shimmer, such a universal one. This is my ideal travel palette.


The Balm- Mary Lou Manizer

My golden highlight, also a love in my heart and it is such a huge pan. It is quit a multi porpuse one…


Becca- Vanilla Quartz

It is also a deluxe size and my Killer highlight, white-golden champagne pigments.


And here are the swaches:

I hope you have enjoyed it! What are your favourite for fair skin?


My Mac lipstick dupes

Hi lovelies,

Let’s continue my cruelty free journey. Now I am going to list all of my MAC lipsticks which I currently have in my make up collection. I just to had Velvet Teddy and Candy Yum Yum, but these were nit my shades. Try to list them from darkest to lightest and list up some dupe of each.

SIN (Matte) is cool burgundy, the perfect brown lipstick for winter.
Dupe: Kat von D Motorhead

FASHION REVIVAL (Matte) deep plum lipstick.
Dupe: Tarte- Intoxicating


CHILI (Matte) is a warm cropper /brick color. That was my lastest Mac Lipstick, I have its mini version and hate its smell, but try to use it up.
Dupe: Colorpop: Foolish

RUBY WOO (Retro Matte) is the perct red for me with vivid-blue undertone.
Dupe: ABH- Ruby

ALL FIRED UP (Retro Matte) is a warm fuschisia  red lisptick, which is really in my heart as it was my weeding lip color.
Dupe: Urban Decay- Alpha

ANGEL (Frost) is a werm light pink with some pearl, I have to be in a mood to be able to wear it, bought it as a dupe of L’Oreal JLo’s Nude…
Dupe: Urban Decay- Heartless

Some hated products of my vanity kit

Hi lovelies,

Today’s post just going to contains a few things that I have them at home, but they did not meet my expectations. Some will be decluttered, some will stay…

L’Occitane-Face Comforting Oil: the only reason why I am keeping this is the price tag, so expensive for a moisturizing oil that do not really do the “extra”, so I am using it up in a mixture of a tree three oil as a night treatment.

Lancôme – Juicy shaker: I have the shade Boom-Mertingue (313), which would be stanning, I have bought this product when it is just newly realized due to Lisa Eldridge, and I also loved the imagine of lip oil and lip shine together. As it is a lip shine it is fine to be apply in every single hour and being not so long lasting, but I can not feel the benefits of the lip oil, it is just stays on the surface, but not soaking into the lips.

Yeah and these two are not CF!

Catrice- Rock Couture liquid liner (020BLUEllet For My Valentine): I belive it was a limitet edition, and had bought it on a sale. Packaging remains me to Kat Von D and the color is so stunning and after it dries it is such a great liner, but the smell… like a homeless, I do not know it is because someone opened it at the drugstore or hardly I fired it is contains carmine….I just got to go.

MAC- Girlie eyeshadow: I have it in an quads made by me, it would be a nice nude color, but it does not give any pigmentation, so I will take it ti Back2Mac as it is such a useless product for me.

Bobbi Brown- Liquid Artstick: I love the shade (Lily) but the formula is not the one which I am absessed with, I can not appply it for the tűzbe only with a brush and it is not dry down to matte, so have to be careful.

Essence- Velvet Matt: the shade (18) would be a really nice cherry red, not the highest pigmentation, but good for the price, but it is not a Matte lipstick at all, might be a nude would be work ing like a creamy shade.

MAC mini lipstick in Chili: I just got it a gift for Christmas and the shade would be the perfect brick color, but it is smells like a petrol station, come on MAC where is the vanilin scent, or might they changed it? I will look for a CF dupe.

Yeah I do have a Body cream somewhere unopened, which is full of parabens, so it is just not for me.