My Christmas wishlist

These are my most wanted gifts for this Christmas, but any way it is very easy to make me happy with a good book, make up or parfume too.
Hereby my screenshoots:
1- Longchamp Le Pliage Tote L in Navy

I have a strange relationship with this bag, was so close to buy it several time (5-6) in the past 3 – 4 years, but never did, because for me it was always "Mom's bag from the '90s". Now I know why she loves her Black one over the last 20 years: it is just the Perfect tote: big enough, zip and small to carry.

2- Zoeva Café Palette

So nice colors and of course I am a coffee lover…

3- Chanel Gabrielle

Generally I am not a Chanel Parfume fan, but finally they came out with this light, flowery and the packaging is so adorable.

4- silk scarf- Still waiting to find the ideal timeless one, might be at COS, Massimo Dutti or local designer Vyf or Etsy….

5- gorgeous or cute calendar 2018- love to write

Now it is time to go!

Stay turned my Christmas serie continue soon.

Our wedding decoration

Hi lovelies,

Here are some tips and trix for you, if you are on a budget for your big day decoration. This is the part of the planning where you can spend or save the most!

Firtsly, my 5 tips to save money on wedding decoration:

  1. DIY-might be it takes longer time, but worst the effort.
  2. Make a usage of the existing decor of the place.
  3. Inspire on Pinterest, but do not owerdone in reality.
  4. Use multitasking product like thank you cards as a nametag.
  5. Buy the flowers by yourself and but them in vase

Our decoration was not perfect but beloved by us and our guests. We made mistakes like forgetting the popcorns for the popcorn bar at home, so just simply skipped it or lost the maching seatting chart…


So we used the room itself, walls:

  • heart shape halfy covered by flowers
  • David Austin crepp roses with our names
  • welcome desk and behind the main desk, but see the photos


Rounded for the guests with white table clothes, candle and mirror from the hotel. IKEA hack vase and confetties on the mirrors. Thank you cards was also their name cards, gifts: palinka-men and stonecrop-ladies. On the main table we have smaller vases with flowers and three extra for bridal bouquet and mom’s bouquests- and a bride- groom sign.


Even it was raining, we were luck enough to receive the welcome champagne and snack outside and even it was possible to take some photos. There we hosted our photo corner:



My wardrobe wishlist AW17/ őszi- téli kívánságlistám

I have just posted about my basics and now I just have changed my wardrobe into the Autumn edition, but still feel I have to purchase something:
Az előző posztban megismerhettétek az alapruhatáromat, szezonálisakat éppen kicseréltem a szekrénybe, de úgy érzem vennem kéne egy pár dolgot:

Camel wool coat: ( my Grey oldie turns to 12, this year, time to change for a timeless piece)
Teve színű gyapjú kabát: ( 12 éves lesz a kis öreg szürkém, pont ideje lenne váltani)

Coat: Promod 39 995 Ft

White/ natural pulover (preferably cashmeer instead of old one)
Fehér/ natúr pulóver ( leginkább kasmír a régi helyett)

Zara 24995Ft

Massimo Dutti 29 995Ft

Black pleated midiskirt/ fekete pliszírozott szoknya:

H&M 6990Ft

Asos 46€

Of course a blouse/ shirt and a long sleeve T-shirt and a Grey T-shirt pretty essential. Természetesen még egy blúz, egy hosszúujjú felső és egy szürke póló.

Accessories:/ kiegészítők:
Brown midsize bag/ barna közepes méretű táska: have not find yet/ még nem találtam me….

Silk scarf/ selyemsál:

Cos 29€