Low buy haul June

Hi lovelies,

So finally I am coming with some haul, I know I was so bad did not posting at all in June, but I have to admit, sewing curtains are a bit more time consuming, specially that I had to do it for my mum too… after she saw ours, just asked if I can do hers as she would change some after having them for almost 20 years in the house (plus cats) so I made the hole living room arra for them, which was ca. 15 m of windows… and I did a silk skirt myself too- that will come in a DIY soon.

So I try to keep everything minimal and sustainable, so my only kinda beauty purchase this month was toothbrush from the Brand called Jordan. I am highly satisfied, as it is made of recycled plastic, soft and much more cheaper than our long-time favoured Curaprox. Okay, to be Honest I have not find any bamboo one with soft ér than medium brushes so that is why I did purchased a plastic one…

I have decluttered 10 pieces of Clothing, but did not purchased anything ;). Only I had to buy some underwear, but these were replacements of the oldies, I have also trashed 5 pants and a bra, which all were in really bad conditions. My other treatments was some bikini, but I just want to have a seperate post of it. Both of these were out of my budget , from the nameday gift money from my parents and grandparents :).


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