Low in May aka DIY

Hi lovelies,

As a hotelier I am having quite much of difficulties so far, so I was not in the mood to write blog posts at all, but I do not want to leave you without my monthly haul.

I have lost over 50% of my income since March and we are still suffering in the industry with our basic salary, but due to my methode I was still able to save in this month. We are really planning to go on a vacation in this summer since we are feed up with this whole #stayhome hysteria. Yeah, you can ask why do not you change job? Because even if I am applying noone calls or write back…and earning a shameful amount of money is a bit better than nothing.

So as I have much more time , which I am spending home I always having some creative thoughts and these lead me to create and create… so finally we have purchased our curtain cornices and some see through curtains and we did not ordered the mounting, neither the sewing as all will be done by us, while I am keeping the black-out curtains later during summer. I bought some marcames to continue doing these. Also the books of Mari Kondo to be able to master her methode. Regarding clothes I have purchased a cardigan and a linen cullotte second-hand, on the top of it I am sewing a warp dress, which I can show in a seperate upcoming post once I finished.


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