Travelling on business

Hi lovelies,

This is a topic, which I have never written about yet, how to pack and what to bring on a short business trip. I know that there are people how travel more on business than me (unfortunately), but I am coming from Hospitality so I might know a bit better what to bring and what not to bring…

Usually these trips are short, but having a lot of different type of programs with different attires, which makes them hard so you need to plan ahead. And as it is short, your flight tickets only booked with a carry on, if you wish to bring more stuffs you have to pay it from your hardly earn money or form your trip budget, which I always avoid.

This month I was in a hotel-based conference for one night, so what do not pack at all: towels, slippers, tea bags, snacks, soap, maybe the shower gel (however I will, due to environment protection). It is having a fitness, so I will pack my gym stuffs with running shoe.


Things that I will definitely toothbrush- you might think, but you can get it from the hotel- yes it is true, but have you ever tried them? It is a way too strong, cheap quality, which hurts you gum and again it is plastic, so even if I do forget my toothbrush at home, rather going to a nearby pharmacy or drugstore. Asking for a toothbrush in a hotel is = tastelessness in 90 % of the cases. I do bring my cleansing pads and some of the sample creams which I want to try. Of course my makeup case and some brushes:

So clothes are depending on the program and facilities of the hotel. As I was above mentioned I will bring a sport bra, top and leggings. I have to bring a suit: Blazer and a skirt, but due to the program I am going to travel in these with a blouse. For the night I am going to use the same blazer but with a cocktail dress to be ready for the Gala Dinner. Day number 2 is going to be casual: so underwear, jeans, tank top and a pullover is enough.

Shoes are more problemetic now beacuse of the weather, so I have to take a running shoe, boots and pumps too.

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