June vanity update

Hi lovelies,

I have not written for a long time, I have planned to write some other topics to my blog, but due to a huge tragedy in my husband’s family I just cannot… might be updating on it later on.

So it is just going to be a simple update on my summer vanity. So I have discontinue using retinol through the summer (I was thinking to skip it in May, but it was so rainy) and chemical AHA/PHA from my skincare routine. I was really missing The Ordinary Niaciamide and Zink, so I have repurchased it and have already ordered my Pixi Glow tonic, 250 ml will be enough for a year again.

SPF is so important during the summer, so I have started using The Ordinary Sunscreen with SPF 15, I know it is not a huge amount, but all the BB creams have 30 or 25 so it is ideal just to complete each other. I had three naevus and verruca which were flicked off recently so I have to use a BIODERMA Cicabio with SPF 50, I know it is not CF, but there is a Zinc in it too and I am strictly following my dermatologist recommendations to recover soon.

I have used up my Clinique BB (will not repurchase not cruelty free) and Trend it up Insta Ready Foundation, which was not bad at all, but I think I had to use a bit more to have the same result as with the above mentioned. Last month I have bought the IT Cosmetics CC in Light Medium,which is too dark for me (even findation suggestion), so I have purchased The Body Shop Fresh Nude BB in fair, while I have no tan to use and a shade adjusting drops for lightening. So only my Estee Lauder Double Wear is not cruelty free now, but I want to use it up for wedding and occasions during the summer (it is too heavy for my daily complexion). Same goes with the MAC Strobe cream, I do not want to use it during summer days as my skin is more oily than druing winter, so I can use up the last drops during the weddings…

I have been trashed my Bobbi Brown Liquid Art Stick, which I just simply hate and the Eyeshadow stick.  Keep processing with my MAC stuffs


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