Some hated products of my vanity kit

Hi lovelies,

Today’s post just going to contains a few things that I have them at home, but they did not meet my expectations. Some will be decluttered, some will stay…

L’Occitane-Face Comforting Oil: the only reason why I am keeping this is the price tag, so expensive for a moisturizing oil that do not really do the “extra”, so I am using it up in a mixture of a tree three oil as a night treatment.

Lancôme – Juicy shaker: I have the shade Boom-Mertingue (313), which would be stanning, I have bought this product when it is just newly realized due to Lisa Eldridge, and I also loved the imagine of lip oil and lip shine together. As it is a lip shine it is fine to be apply in every single hour and being not so long lasting, but I can not feel the benefits of the lip oil, it is just stays on the surface, but not soaking into the lips.

Yeah and these two are not CF!

Catrice- Rock Couture liquid liner (020BLUEllet For My Valentine): I belive it was a limitet edition, and had bought it on a sale. Packaging remains me to Kat Von D and the color is so stunning and after it dries it is such a great liner, but the smell… like a homeless, I do not know it is because someone opened it at the drugstore or hardly I fired it is contains carmine….I just got to go.

MAC- Girlie eyeshadow: I have it in an quads made by me, it would be a nice nude color, but it does not give any pigmentation, so I will take it ti Back2Mac as it is such a useless product for me.

Bobbi Brown- Liquid Artstick: I love the shade (Lily) but the formula is not the one which I am absessed with, I can not appply it for the tűzbe only with a brush and it is not dry down to matte, so have to be careful.

Essence- Velvet Matt: the shade (18) would be a really nice cherry red, not the highest pigmentation, but good for the price, but it is not a Matte lipstick at all, might be a nude would be work ing like a creamy shade.

MAC mini lipstick in Chili: I just got it a gift for Christmas and the shade would be the perfect brick color, but it is smells like a petrol station, come on MAC where is the vanilin scent, or might they changed it? I will look for a CF dupe.

Yeah I do have a Body cream somewhere unopened, which is full of parabens, so it is just not for me.


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