My minimal makeup month

Hi lovelies,

I have already announced my minimal makeup challenge on the blog and how it is share my thoughts and declutter some of the products.

First like these where my products:


I have to tell you the firstly I really wanted to use up my expensive, none cruelty free products, so that is why my choices were most of my Bobbi Brown and MAC products. What I have chosen wrong: did not pick any of my eyeshadow palettes, so for the occasions I was only able to use bronzer, blusher and black eyeliner like on a normal working day, so I had to use my red matte lipstick for my night outs, which is not the most practical for a dinner and let’s be honest I love to use my darker lipsticks on a normal working day too.

I have never ever broken any of my makeup products yet (seriously not), but now on the 11th day my Clinique powder was broke into pieces in the changing room at work, so I had to cheat because the Foundation which I have picked not working without powder, so I used my NYX HD powder then.

The biggest positive thing in this challenge, that at the end of it I was always ready in 5-10 minutes, which is really reduced my getting ready time, I loved that I do not need to think much and being so quick, but really polished in the meanwhile and I have used up a lot of products!

Two of my beloved Bobbi Brown products became deserted during the month (like totally): my Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil in Blonde, which I have replaced my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade and I realized I do not like this, it is not quick at all, so I should look for a dupe of this pencil. And also my lip color in Sandwash Pink just gone…By the end of the month I have used up my Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, which I will repurchase for sure, just now I will have 2 more mini Urban Decay to try, NYX Epic Ink I want to repurchase it during the upcoming coupon days, until I have a Lush, MAC Prep+ Prime lip- I will take back to MAC to get a free lipstick (which I will sell ) and I gonna go for my Carmex instead.

Then I have checked my freshness of the rest and decuttered my BB bronzer, highlighter and pot rouge, honestly I will miss them all, but I should be strong and strict. My Pink Glow Highlighter’s bottom has been broken for a few month, so it is not so wise to use as it is oxidizing so much.

Then I also had some non-CF products, which I nearly used up: MAC Paint pot, Fix+ and Prep+prime lips will take Back2MAC while my Strobe cream goes to one of my friends. Even the two other lipsticks are not Cruelty free I will try to use them up as they were so expensive.

My favourite product would be Tarte Shape Tape Concealer, which has so good coverage without showing my fine lines under my eye area. My least favourite was the NYX HD powder, which dries my skin so much, so that is not a great day-to-day powder for me. Specially it is not works with camera flash…

Here some other expired makeup:

Will I be minimal in makeup?

Definitely NO, it is really kills my creativity, totally missed my eyeshadow palettes but I will make a wise amount of makeup collection! I might need to do this challenge again with some better choices.


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