Decluttering my “childhood” room

Hi lovelies,

So it is a decluttering again, that was (is) probably the hardest when it is comes to your childhood/ teenager room… So I went home to my parents to do it.

My room

I am not using it for daily basis since 2009, so for 10 years going to be in September…OMG. It is a like an “all-girls” dream room, with white built-in wardrobe and shelfs, pink curtains, natural rugs and originally: light yellow wall – last year my mum choosed to paint it to mint green, which I hate.



I can not imagine from where I have these lots of stuffs… I have found a lot of good memory items, like letters with friends, journal etc. And also funny posters: Avril Lavigne, Back Street Boys or Maroon 5 and these get me back so so much of good moments and made so hard to decide. So I have just finished my nightstand, where my bags were and the wardrobe and also decluttered some beauty and perfumes from the shelves, so I ought to continue next time…

Most of the things when to the trash or recycling, but also to the Redcross charity and some of them are on sale now. If you wish to shop some of my clothes, take a look on my Depop!


P.s.: my little helper will not be decluttered;)


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