Beloved Christmas (!?)

Hi lovelies,

I had some difficulties with this post,as I had to write it on my iPhone and it is did not appear till this morning.

so firstly I am so happy that we have just moved into our flat a week before Christmas and yeah it is not perfect and so many furnitures, wall glass are still missing, and one room is funcioned like a storage though, but it is one of the best feeling having our own place and real home. So I did not had time to write, as spending most of my time by organizing or “doing the expensive adults’ LEGO” so the furnitures of ikea. OMG we had been 3-4 times there in December and we still have some to take backs… I think I am going to do some home tours and topics later on, but here is a photo for now.

and I have nearly forgotten have you ever tried to get a new internet connection just write before Christmas? It is crazy I asked them to come and signed the agreement on the 15th, they supposed to come on 21rst. They have called in the last minute sorry is it a problem if we come between Christmas and New Years? Even we said it is, but what else can we do? Of course they did not even call,so fingers crossed for the 7ths….

christmas has come by soon, so we did not even had a feeling and I had to improvise the Christmas tree like that:

of course I had to work on Christmas Eve, people can not image how it is and how it is hurts when they scream at 9pm about how you cannot suggest anything to do or restaurants to dine, specially from those where they stop for every Friday night or for a month in each year… so people respect each other, respect in what they are believe in and try to be more tolerant. Honestly I can hardly believe every one is coming to a country without knowing the date a en  habits…  Christmas is the time when all of us hate to work, yes you can say you have chosen it- but you have to be more patient in the selfish world, noone wants to work on the celebration of family, just we have to and we try to survive.

So thankfully I got home to my parents and family for a lovely two days, which is always the best time of the year and especially now when it was not about gifts. (Basically we have received a few drinks, cakes and money, only my brother bought us a sandwich maker and I got some nice things from my Husband).

back to the city my mother-in-law has visited us, so I have guided her through Budapest while hubby was working.

I all wish you a Happy New Year !


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