Ultimate skin care update

Hi lovelies,

I just want to share my skincare routine update with you. I did some reseaches and read, test a lot ect. because skincare is more important than make up and it is time to start invest. in it.

I just have find this small skin care menu list at Byrdie‘s, which is quite good base to create the ultimate skin care routine. All of the products that I mention will be cruelty free as my previous one was included Bioderma which is not. I have read the suggestions of cultbeauty and skinsmart representatives too. There will be products, which I use for a long time, other are just new.

My Skin tend to be combination, but also sensitive and sometimes really dry. Yes, it will seems that I do use a lot of products, so not all of them are in my everyday routine.

Cleansing gel: Lixir- Electrogel Cleanser: honestly I only use cleansing gel in the evenings, I do not have time in the morning for these, so the electrogel is just for me, really smooth and smells nice and it is also a detoxifying mask. For morning fresh up and makeup removing I also use Micellar water, I loved the Bioderma pink one for so long, but then for CF reasons,I have started to use The Body Shop Camomile Fresh -Micellar Cleansing Water.

Toner: Pixi- Glow Tonic: I used to use a toner back to my teenager years, I was too lazy for ages maybe, for a month now just using the Glow Tonic, which has changed my skin so well- bright and glowing.

Lightweight moisturizer: Lixir- Universal Emulsion or The Body Shop- Vitamin E. The last one I just adore for so long time so lightweight and water based which I love, but too many perfume (even no irritation), but during winter time I feel I need some more, so just trying the first one, which works well so far.

Eye cream: I have not find my love yet, but I do have a lots of okay in this category… Currently using: Naturschön: Augencreme, which is a vegan, olive based cream. Really need to find on which is not is a jar, might be the Drunk Elephant? What do you think?

Zinc oxide sunscreen: honestly I am only using SPF in the BB cream, yes I have to find something…

AHA/BHA serum: Geek&Gorgeous Calm Down(PHA+ BHA liquid) is my big love, so I tend to repurchase it, but now I will give a try to my gifted Lixir: Night Switch PHA/AHA 10%

Retinol serum: The Ordinary: Granactive Retionoid 2% emulsion my first ever retinol, I am just thinking of starting it in my 20s must not hurt, so I will not use this light version everyday until my 30s… (2 nights per week)


Serum: The Ordinary: Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% really good serum for oily- oily combined skin, even it is written use it both in morning and evening, I only use it at night if I skipp the retinol.


Clay mask: The Body Shop- Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask is my other old friend, even thought I use rarely use it… and sometimes I do use sheet mask, like the Holika Holika: Juicy Mask Sheet for some extra hydration.


Face oil: I am not really into it, as I was always afraid of these products makes my skin oily, so I only have a small The Body Shop: Tea Tree Oil and a L’Occitane: Face Comforting Oil (Not CF so I will need a change), might be for a nice night oil.

I hope you have enjoyed this short post. I am highly interested in you advise, so please comment below.


If you wish to purchase Lixir, The Ordinary and Pixi at Cultybeauty link with 10 GBP voucher here.


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