Why you have nothing to wear?

Hi lovelies,

I think we all know that feeling when you open your wardrobe, which is full of clothes, but you are just searching and searching… but nothing. Yes, we all own a lot of items, which we do not like or not in our size and honestly they are all useless. #girlsproblem

So why you have nothing to wear?

  • … because they are not in your size or you just do not like them: they took the place of your wardrobe, might be you used to love them when you have bought but now it is time to through them away and give these to a charity.
  • … because they are not in a good condition: remember you love that black dress, but now it is looks dark grey, not so classy or even there are some screeches on it-I will repair and wear it on an other day – no you do not, say bye.
  • … because you do not have basics: basics are boring but quite important to pop up your other items, send your money on these and you will not need to buy them all the time,
  • … because you only have basics: that is the opposite and it is a way too boring, Let’s go shopping some new trends,
  • … because you rather buy cheap things: cheap items, looks cheap- buy quality and lack of quantity,
  • … because it is not your style: we do follow the trends, but not all of them are in your personal style and even if its fits you do not feel comfy.
  • … because everyone has the same: try to buy something more unique, I know it is so hard, but might some accessories will help, do not lookalike a clone.
  • … because you are shopping without thinking in outfits: sometimes the new love do not fit to any of the others in your wardrobe or you have bought exactly the same you already have. Let’s plan ahead!

I hope you have enjoyed this small post.

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