Winter 10×10

Hi everyone!

I was asked to do this challenge by an instagram friend. So you should choose 10 items from your wardrobe and wear it for 10 days, of course underwear is not counting. Honestly, it is not something that I never used to do: on a holiday or even I had some experience during my Erasmus semester when I had only 30 kg to go for 4 months in Portugal. I think I am not a really right person to do as I am working in a uniform so I did not spent most of the time in the chosen items… and as it is winter I think I always looked the same due to my coat. I tried to use natural colors to be able to wear them with everything.

10 items:

  1. Brown boot
  2. Black horse riding boot
  3. Coat (+ scarf, gloves and cap+black bag)
  4. Jeans
  5. Black skirt
  6. Grey cardigan
  7. White pullover
  8. White Shirt
  9. Brown body
  10. Grey T-shirt

DAY 1: freezing but I had to go to a sales training and dinner, so wore white shirt with black skirt with Grey cardigan. Played up the outfit with a red lipstick. Of course I wore black boots and my Winter coat.

DAY 2-3- 4: just wore the same white pul with jeans and brown boots ( some days Grey T-shirt was under)

DAY 5: bit warmer day and concierge meeting and dining out with my love, so brown Body and black skirt but my scarf was a great help at Night even I was driving.

DAY 6 – 7 – 8: again a way too cold, just ideal for go to and back from work… jeans, T-shirt and cardigan. We went to shopping from

DAY 9- I think I was in my brown Body, white pul and jeans combo with my brown boots and the parkas as it was so cold.

DAY 10- after too many jeans day I took my skirt with a sporty version 🙂

Conclusion: this challange aim would be to use less, but I think 10 items is too less to be comfortable, as it is quite a lack of choices (Specially at winter time, when you have to layer everything- might need a try at summer), of course you can deal with it, like on a holiday with a hand luggage only… now it was rather suffering.



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