My charity box

So finally, finished our charity box to a girl age 12-15. I have decided to give it to a young teenager girl, as most of the people bring the shoe boxes for the little ones and forget about the teenagers, while they really have wishes and so on ( Based on my volunteer day with the baptist).

So what you ought to do, I do believe you have it in other countries as well:
– look arround at home: what unnecessary for you, might be a wish to someone else
– find out the gender and age group
– take a shoe box and fabricate its look
– go shopping with your bugdet, shops like: Housewear stores, drogeries, stationeries, bookstores might have a good offer

My bugdet was ca 16-20 EUR, gifts are the following:
– never used H&M skirt – s size
– bijou which I have never used
– photoframe
– book
– nail polish, mascara, lip balm, soap
– chocolates

All tiny, little things, but the best of Christmas is to give for someone else.
Next to the box, we brought some more soaps, tea bags and blankets to the charity.

Have a lovely day and make this Christmas never-to-be-forgetten for somebody.

Stay turned…

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